Dr. Bertil Ekstrom (Executive Director, WEA Mission Commission)

Serving the Global Mission Community

The WEA Mission Commission responds to the needs of national and regional mission movements around the globe. For the past 26 years, the MC has dedicated its energies to strengthening these continental and national entities, and promoting movements in nations that currently are not a significant part taking the Gospel from every nation to every nation. The MC is the only global platform that serves this important function.

Over 250 MC Associates (representative leaders from our global constituency) from 85 national mission movements in seven regions are currently banded together by the Mission Commission. We work together in identifying and addressing common issues in the global missionary enterprise through joint research, gathering to discuss findings, planning and executing cooperative projects, and developing widely accessible resources that promote the health and growth of Evangelical cross-cultural mission entities around the globe. Projects like the development of African National Mission Movements and the Global Dialogue Forum have greatly shaped missions from the younger and older nations to address critical issues related to their growth and effectiveness.

The Mission Commission continues to identify cutting-edge needs and to develop the tools to address issues. Many of our most vigorous movements are reporting a plateau in recruitment and mobilization efforts. The MC is committed to getting to the root causes of this trend and working towards overcoming it. Francophone African as well as Central and Eastern European countries are just beginning to emerge as a missionary sending force and are requesting that the MC guide the process of their development.

The Mission Commission accomplishes its vision and purpose through:

  • Creating a missional arena and a forum that facilitates and encourages mutual learning, networking and cooperation between national, regional and international mission leaders in all related missional bodies.
  • Providing a consultative and self-evaluative function for mission movements and networks, international agencies and missionary training centres to measure their own health and stimulate their effectiveness.
  • Managing an "issues driven process" (needs assessment and research) that is intentional, leading to specified outcomes (services and training, networks and publications).
  • Facilitating the flow of financial, human, bibliographical, & other resources between people, movements and nations through a well defined system & process.
  • Creating and managing systems for the dissemination of information (based on a discussion of strategic technologies and media).
  • Providing a prophetic and proactive voice into the worldwide church in relation to theology, missiology and mission practice, through strategic consultations, training seminars, publications and other initiatives

Current Leadership Team

Mr. David Ruiz - Guatemala
Mr. Younoussa Djao - Ivory Coast
Mr. Kees van der Wilden - The Netherlands
Dr. K. Rajendran and Mrs. Pramila Rajendran, India
Mr. Timothy Halls, USA
Dr. William Taylor - USA
Dr. Bertil Ekstrom - Brazil/Sweden - Executive Director

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Bertil Ekstrom