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Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher (Executive chair, WEA Theological Commission)

Dr. Rosalee Velosso Ewell (Executive director, WEA Theological Commission)

At its annual meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2009, the WEA Theological Commission revised its vision and purpose statement. The revised statement appears below:

Providing theological reflection from a global perspective

Our vision:

To be a prophetic Evangelical voice that is globally representative, faithful to Scripture, theologically informed and which speaks with clarity and relevance to both the church and the world.

Our purpose:

In faithfulness to Christ and in order to serve the Church, the Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance exists to provide international theological reflection on issues of importance affecting the church and society everywhere.

In order of priority, this will be accomplished by:

1. Facilitating, convening and leading theological reflection teams to address issues of worldwide relevance who will disseminate their findings both to the global evangelical community and to the world. Every theological reflection team must:

  • Have both appropriate expertise and international representation
  • Address an issue that is both important and of worldwide significance
  • Identify appropriate means to disseminate its findings to a global audience
  • Not duplicate the work of other international evangelical organisations, though it may be appropriate at times to work in partnership with others on issues of common interest
  • Proclaim biblical truth and be accountable to the WEA statement of faith

2. Encouraging individual theologians and practitioners from across the world to engage in theological reflection on issues of global relevance and publishing their findings in print and electronic formats.

3. Enabling the networking of individuals, churches and organizations at a national and regional level to encourage theological reflection.

Structure and Organization

As of October 2009, the TC consists of an international group of theologians spread regionally and denominationally. Currently the personnel are Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher, Chair; Dr James Nkansah (Africa), Vice-chair; Dr Jae Sung Kim (Korea); Dr Claus Schwambach (Brazil); Rev David Roldan (Argentina); Dr Carver Yu (Hong Kong); other names will shortly be joining the commission. As of Jan 2006, a system of extended membership was introduced allowing representatives of national Theological Commissions, seminaries and individual theologians and interested people to be members of the TC (for full details click here)

In addition Task Forces, Study Groups and other forms of activity are set up as required to work on specific long term or ad hoc projects.

For more information, contact the Chairman, Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher at chair_tc [et]