The Mission Commission of WEA is a global network of over 220 mission leaders from around 80 countries and serves the Evangelical missional community by

  • Creating a missional arena that facilitates and encourages mutual learning, networking and cooperation;
  • Providing a consultative and self-evaluative function for mission movements and networks, international agencies and missionary training centres;
  • Managing an “issues driven process” that is intentional, leading to specified outcomes;
  • Facilitating the flow of resources between people, movements and nations (financial, human, bibliographical, & other) through a well defined system & process;
  • Facilitating the flow of financial, human, bibliographical, & other missional resources;
  • Providing a prophetic and proactive voice into the worldwide church in relation to theology, missiology and mission practice, through strategic consultations, training seminars, publications and other initiatives.

Highlights 2007

  • Two new staff members came onboard: David Ruiz of Guatemala and Younoussa Djao of Ivory Coast;
  • The Global Member Care Network was re-launched with a new leadership team;
  • The Kenya Consultation with African MC Associates held in November leading to important outcomes for the MC involvement with National Mission Movements in Africa.

MC Consultation in Pattaya 2008

The major event for the MC during 2008 will be the consultation in Thailand, from October 30th to November 4th, piggybacking on the WEA General Assembly. The consultation will focus on missiological themes such as Contextualisation, Mission and Suffering and Spirituality and Mission. See more information on this page.

Staff team

The current staff team of the MC is formed by:
Bertil Ekström (Brazil) – Executive Director
Bill Taylor (USA) – Ambassador at Large
Kees van der Wilden (The Netherlands) – Associate Director
David Ruiz (Guatemala) – Associate Director
Younoussa Djao (Ivory Coast) – Africa Project Facilitator

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Bertil Ekström

Executive Director

Global Issues Summit South Africa 2006