Kingdom Without Borders

October 21, 2009

Dear global mission colleagues—in churches and agencies, mobilizing and training, sending, shepherding and supporting ministries,

It is a privilege to bring you news of a unique and excellent book just written by Miriam Adeney, to be released by IVP early December……..and with a remarkable pre-print discount off the $18.00 retail price. And here is the information you need (with thanks to Miriam for much of this material).

The book is called Kingdom Without Borders: The Untold Story Of Global Christianity. It has already been chosen as a “Book of the Day” for the first day of 2009 Urbana Mission Convention.

I cannot recommend the book enough, and want to see that a copy gets into the hand and life of every youth (from junior high on) and adult. It’s a global story-telling book, so creatively crafted, and at times it makes one laugh, week, get upset, trust God and want to serve him more—all at the same time. I have already placed my substantial order and will offer it at all Perspectives classes I teach, at all churches where I speak, and in all conversations with people with even a slight interest in world mission.

Most of you know something about Miriam Adeney. Her ministry and credentials: Ph.D. Anthropology (Washington State University); M.A. Journalism (Syracuse University); B.A. Anthropology (Wheaton College). Professor in the School of Theology at Seattle Pacific University; President of the American Society of Missiology; Board member for Christianity Today and for Media Associates International; Author of several books, including:

God’s Foreign Policy: Practical Ways To Help The World’s Poor
Daughters Of Islam: Building Bridges With Muslim Women
How To Write: A Christian Writer’s Guide
A Time For Risking: Priorities For Women

Miriam has taught intensive courses in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mali, Kenya, Morocco, Bahrain, UAE, and Spain. She has served as distinguished academic lecturer in numerous colleges and seminaries in North America. She is a member of University Presbyterian Church in Seattle, as well as a wife and mother.

Who might be the projected readers for this book?
Kingdom Without Borders is for people who care about the eternal, supra-cultural Gospel of Jesus, about witness, discipling, leadership training, sustainable development, ecology, the arts, world religions, ethnotheology, multiethnic churches, persecution, human trafficking, conflict resolution, AIDS, trauma healing--in other words, people who want to live as responsible global Christians. They may be going on a short-term mission. They may be pastors, lay leaders, women’s ministry directors, or youth leaders. Or business people interested in business as mission. Or Christian artists and musicians with global interests. Or farmers interested in agricultural ministry. Or women living comfortably who want to reach out to women who are not.

The very creative table of contents
Introduction: What I Learned from Filipinos
Chapter 1 These Are My People
Chapter 2 The Elephant in the Room: Jesus’ People in China
Chapter 3 Word
Chapter 4 Pulsating Passion: Jesus’ People in Latin America
Chapter 5 Spirit
Chapter 6 Axis of Hope: Jesus’ People in the Muslim World
Chapter 7 Catastrophe
Chapter 8 Mystic Servants: Jesus’ People in the Hindu World
Chapter 9 Song
Chapter 10 When You Go Through Fire: Jesus’ People in Africa
Chapter 11 Way of the Cross
Chapter 12 Way of Life

In-depth discussion questions on each chapter will be posted online by January 2009 for use by classes, study groups, and retreats.

Further Background on Miriam’s Book
The book is a good read. With very little effort the reader will grasp substantial issues. Weaving together cultural data, personal experiences, and theological insights, the book helps make sense of global complexities. It is not primarily statistics, or strategies, or critique, though those are present. Mostly it is stories. They illustrate central themes. God is at work in every part of the world. Local Christians are not perfect, but they are admirable. They need our partnership because the challenges are huge. The Gospel of Jesus of the only true meta-story that brings redemption and transformation for all people, everywhere and at all times.

Regional foci are China, Latin America, Muslim world, Buddhist world, India, and Africa. Topics include local theologies, indigenous leadership training, sustainable development, appropriate teaching media from songs to internet, church growth, persecution, trauma counseling, ecology, world religions, and best practices in mission. Witness, discipling, and service to human need are key goals. The Word, the Spirit, creativity, cultures, and the everlasting kingdom (Daniel 7; Revelation 4 & 5) are themes that reverberate throughout.

Perhaps the only item I wish Miriam had included would have been to cover the Jesus followers and communities of the Global North in her perspective and stories. But this will come in a later book, God willing. Right, Miriam and IVP?

Why bother with all this?

  • Because if we care about God’s world, we need to know what’s happening in it.
  • Because more than three billion people don’t know Jesus as Lord. Most have never heard a reasonable explanation of the good news. And Jesus said, “Make disciples of all nations.”
  • Because more than a billion people eke out a living on less than two dollars a day. They get hungry and sick. Their children die. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor.” In an era of globalization those neighbors are global.
  • Because ecological disaster, violence, water and oil shortages, diseases, and economic downturns threaten us all. For our own security, we need to learn how to relate to other peoples.
  • Because we can make mistakes and waste money and personnel in inappropriate mission and relief and development activities.
  • Because Jesus’ people are in every country, and we need to partner humbly with them (Jn 17). This book has no quick fixes, no triumphalism, but emphasizes listening, learning, crying, praising, and working together.
  • Because we need user-friendly, easily-accessible information.

Attached is the IVP flyer with the special information on discounts and order process. Note to our Canadian friends. You cannot use this form to order the book as IVP has a special arrangement with a Canadian distributor. Work with them, OK?

This special offer expires November 26th. Just follow the instructions and make your substantial order. You will not regret it.

The blessing of the Eternal Sending Three upon you,


William D. Taylor, Ph.D.

Co-author with Steve Hoke of Global Mission Handbook: A Guide for Crosscultural Service, IVP, 2009/

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