July 2008
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WEA General Assembly, Pattaya, Thailand
October 25-30, 2008


National Alliances, Global Partners and Associates are
reminded to register for this members only event.


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WEA Welcomes Salvation Army Commissioner as Spokesperson on Human Trafficking
Exhibit Space at General Assembly - available to registered delegates
Worldwide Day of Fasting and Prayer for North Korea
Yale Divinity School Press Release: Muslim and Christian Leaders Meet at Yale for Historic "Common Word" Conference

Religious Liberty:
Eritrea: Intensive Persecution Fuels a Refugee Crisis
India: Hindu Nationalist Confidence Grows
Yemen: Christian arrests may herald new era of persecution
Southern Philippines: Terror on Basilan Island

EFC Staff Attend Order of Canada Rally - Dr. Henry Morgentaler, Abortion and the Order of Canada EFC Staff Evangelicals and the Environment: Thoughts from CETA’s Outgoing President

Puerto Rican pastor and deacon shot, but survive attack

Evangelical Fellowship of India News, June 2008
Arrest of a Christian Social Worker
Fresh Cases of Persecution in Delhi and Andhra Pradesh
Fresh incident of violence in Orissa

Micah Network:
Initiative du Réseau Michée sur la Mission Intégrale
Micah Network Update, July 2008

Press Release by the General Secretary of Mongolian Evangelical Alliance

Palestinian Territories:
Musalaha - Prayer Requests, July 2008

Sri Lanka:
Church attacked, pastor and others injured

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