Prayer for Egypt

The WEA appeals to Christians globally to pray for Egypt during this coming crucial and very unpredictable week, the first anniversary of the 25th January Revolution. 

On Monday the 23rd the first elected Parliament meets in this uncertain atmosphere, in which all the parties fear major disagreements between the Majority party in the Parliament (the Muslim Brotherhood) and the Salafi members (the fanatical Muslims) on the one hand and all the other parties, including the Youth of the Revolution - who feel that their revolution has been stolen by the Islamic parties. 

Preparations for the 25th of January celebrations are tinged with fear, as the Army and the Islamic Parties align together against all the other parties, especially the Revolution and liberal parties - who insist on continuing the revolution, asking the Army to step down immediately. 

Tahrir Square is expected to be the centre of clashes between the two sides. Egyptians, including the Christians, are asking themselves:

  • Are the Islamic Parties ready to cooperate with other parties to achieve real Democracy in the Parliament?
  • Is the army ready to step down peacefully on the 25th or will this day be marked by another series of bloody clashes?
Please pray for the sovereign Lord to grant genuine democracy, in which all Egyptians, including the sizeable Christian community, can play their full part. 

Last modified:
Thursday,January 19, 2012