Urgent Prayer for Christians in Syria

Dear Friends 

From a very reliable source, we received the following message.  Please join us in Prayer for our brothers and sisters in Syria.

We've all seen and heard about the uprisings in the Arab world.  The Middle East is heating up for better or for worse.   We talk about fighting for democracy, desiring to see all ethnic groups obtain it, and even children seek some type of democracy of their own.  It takes a huge amount of hatred and ignorance for anyone to refuse such democracy, and yet in the mind of fundamentalists and extremists, there is no room for it.  This is the struggle of Christians in the Middle East, especially those living in Syria.

The last few months have been some of the hardest times for Christians in Syria, in the fight against corruption.  They have united together to support the call to change. Things began to heat up in the streets, and the effort to fight corruption turned into power struggles, where sects in Islam are fighting each other, trying to take control, forcing their beliefs on one another.  

Many slogans have been heard throughout the revolution.  One in particular goes something like this, “Take the Christian man to the grave and their women to bed.” Hearing hundreds of men in the streets, chanting against Christians, has brought fear into their lives.  Fear for the safety of their woman and young children.  It has come down to a battle for existence, all because of what they believe.  Many stories of Christians being attacked and killed, woman being kidnapped and raped, are being heard throughout Syria.  All in the name of Islam and of “Democracy!!”  

Syria is ranked #36 on the World Watch List 2012 (moving up 2 places since last year). 

Please Pray: 
·       For an end to the bloodshed and that any change of government will lead to greater freedom for the people of Syria
·       That the rights of Christians and other religious minorities will be protected
·       That the church will have strength to stand firm and bring the light of Christ to their nation. 

Source:  Open Doors UK  


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Thursday,January 19, 2012