Sudan / South Sudan Prayer Summit January 27-29, 2012


Source:  Norman Johnson SSNet 

Set aside some time to pray wherever you are and join the event in South Africa!/events/330508116969409/ 

After many years under oppression, South Sudan became an independent nation in 2011. Right now the people of both (North) Sudan and South Sudan are facing immense challenges. Please join us in setting aside some time during the weekend of 27 to 29 January 2012 to pray for Sudan / South Sudan.

The situation in the Nuba Mountains
, Dafur and Blue Nile regions is really very serious. There is very little to no food in certain areas, as well as in areas in the South which is on the border with North Sudan.  Christians in the Nuba mountains are experiencing severe persecution, with some pastors being executed.

The UN is trying to bring in food and other aid, but the Sudan government is stopping all aid. The latest is that the USA is insisting on aid reaching the people and is prepared to step in.

For more Prayer information please visit these links  :  North Sudan  /  South Sudan

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Friday,January 27, 2012