About WEA

About WEA Resources

WEA Resources is an online archive and is a service project of the World Evangelical Alliance. The purpose of this site is to aggregate and freely disseminate electronic resources to equip our members. This project was initiated by the International Missionary Training Network of the Mission Commission of the WEA as a service to the global body of WEA. Now resources are available in various categories and languages. We anticipate ongoing expansion of this archival service in the number of available resources, categories and languages.

Although the majority of resources presently available on WEAresources were produced by various WEA service arms (i.e., Commissions, Initiatives and Task Forces), resources from our members (i.e., Regional and National Alliances, Global Partners, Associate Members and Church Networks and Denominations) are welcome and growing. Some resources have also been donated by individuals or Evangelical organizations not directly linked to the WEA.

Making Contributions

Contributions to this electronic archive are welcome providing they meet necessary conditions. The author or producers of potential resources may be posted to WEAresources by contacting WEA head office.

Contributed resources will be screened for approval, categorized and uploaded. Conditions for approval include assurance of appropriate permissions (see "About Copyright"), congruency with the World Evangelical Alliance statement of faith, and alignment with the values and intent of the World Evangelical Alliance. The WEA reserves the discretionary right to withhold or withdraw publications.


This website is available in several languages. The user interface language can be adjusted in the " preferences" page found on the upper navigation menu bar. Users may also select the output language (to list resources in a different language or several different languages).

Search Resources

For searching the collection of WEA Resources, type your search word in the search field on top of each page and press enter or click the search button. As a result a new page will show all the results in your selected language(s). When you click one of the result, the selected resource will be opened in your browser or be downloaded to your computer.

Browse Resources

Besides searching WEA Resources, you can also browse its content by categories or topics. You can start this already on the Home page by clicking on an link of interest to you from categories or topics sections. You will be taken to the chosen resource or a category page, which is displaying only resources from a certain area of interest. In WEA Resources, each item is classified into one or more subjects and categories. Each view-page of a resource also provides information of its category or topic.