Standards of Excellence in Missionary Training

The results of research conducted by a task force of the WEA Missions Commission, which looked into a consensus on standards of excellence in missionary training.
by Robert Ferris (Bob)
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Toward Best Practices in Missionary Training

An e-publication of Next Step: The North American Partnership in Mission Training The papers in this document are written summaries of the National Missionary Trainer's Forum ’04. These papers give insights into effective mission training programs. Papers cover the diversity of mission training by churches, schools, agencies and other providers.
by Robert Ferris (Bob)
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Tuning God's New Instruments Part 1/3

A guide to starting a missions agency. Mission runs like a thread through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Without mission we would probably have no Bible. The Gospels were written to instruct new Christians in the life of Jesus Christ, at a time when the first generation of Christians were disappearing from the earth. The one book of church history in the Bible was planned to tell the story of the extension of the gospel through the Roman world. At the same time it presented an appeal to Rome, showing the favour with which the authorities first regarded Christianity. The epistles came from missionaries writing to churches brought into being through missions.
by Denis Jane
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2001 March, Training For Cross-Cultural Ministries

Mar, 2001
Occasional bulletin of the INTERNATIONAL MISSIONARY TRAINING FELLOWSHIP, a global network of programs and individuals dedicated to training for cross-cultural ministry.
by Ed. Jonathan Lewis
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US Missionary Retention Study

Dec 2003
This presentation presents the major findings of missionary retention in 78 US agencies, who participated in ReMAP II.
by Jim Van Meter
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US Report of Findings on Missionary Retention

US Report of Findings on Missionary Retention. This is the detailed report of a survey on missionary retention with 78 USA missions agencies representing 15,000 US missionaries conducted in 2003, which was part of the ReMAP II (Retention: Mission Agency Practices) 22 nation study sponsored by the Mission Commission.
by Jim Van Meter
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World Mission 3

An Analysis of the World Christian Movement. Part III of a Manual in three parts.
by Jonathan Paul Lewis
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World Mission 2

An Analysis of the World Christian Movement. Part II of a Manual in three parts.
by Jonathan Paul Lewis
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World Mission 1

An Analysis of the World Christian Movement. Part I of a Manual in three parts.
by Jonathan Paul Lewis
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열방을 향하여

by 조나단 루이스 (Jonathan Paul Lewis, Ph.D)
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Working Your Way to the Nations

Tentmaking is a subject of strategic importance to world evangelisation. The concept is biblical, historical precedents abound, and today’s missionary context demands it. This book will fill a gap in the area since it provides a set of essays on effective tentmaking by experienced and knowledgeable missions specialists from around the world. Its concerns are practical but what makes this book doubly useful is the fact that it is designed as a study text either for individual or group use. Anyone contemplating the tentmaking role would be well advised to check out this book. Edited by Jonathan Lewis, Wm Carey Library, 1993, 193pp
by Jonathan Paul Lewis
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Evangelizing the Jewish People

18 page long text on the evangelization of the Jewish people and how the message of the gospel should be proclaimed to them having into consideration the Jewish social and cultural distinctives and the danger of some adaptations to jeopardize the gospel.
by Baruch Maoz
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Evangelising the Jewish People – Toward the Third Millennium

16 page long text on the evangelization of the Jewish people toward the third millennium, having into consideration the validity of the message, the validity of the understanding of the message by the church, the right of declaring the message and the relevancy of the message to the Jewish people of this era.
by Baruch Maoz
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The Gospels as Evidence of the Necessity for Cultural Adaptation in the Missionary Proclamation

12 page long text on the need for cultural adaptation in the missionary proclamation work biblically grounded on the 4 gospels.
by Frank Koppelin, Thomas Schirrmacher
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Doing Member Care Well Part 1/4

A global resource for the international missions member care family around the world. Its global scope is reflected in the diversity of authors and the wide range of topics. This is an extensive resource, especially developed to address member care issues.
by Kelly O'Donnell
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Code of Best Practice in Member Care

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Code of Best Practice in Member Care is designed as a benchmark document to guide the policies and practice of organizations regarding the care and development of cross-cultural Christian workers. Although it is writte
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The Code of Best Practice for Short-Term Mission

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission is designed to apply to all visits, experiences, teams and placements of up to two years duration, organized by Canadian mission agencies, churches and other organizatio
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Becoming an Intentionally Intercultural Church

Becoming an intentionally Intercultural Church is an important tool for helping congregations transition from a fundamentally mono-cultural membership that may or may not have intercultural composition, to one that intentionally seeks to reach and incorporate those from other cultural groups.
by Robert Brynjolfson and Jonathan Lewis
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Taking Tentmaking Beyond Mutually Exclusive Definitions

The tentmaking movement is weakened by a continuing discussion over the proper definition of a tentmaker1. I have found that tentmaker meetings are often laced with debilitating elitist attitudes, defensiveness and pride. These attitudes come to the sur
by Jonathan Lewis
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A call for co-operation and partnership

One of the most fascinating aspects of modern mission is the emergence of ever new agencies and initiatives, in the old mission sending countries and especially in the new sending countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia. With their specialised ministr
by Detlef Blöcher and Jonathan Lewis
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