The Tentmaking Movement of the Future

May 2007
Article from the April 2007 WEA Connections Magazine.
by Johnny Chun
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Demographics, Power and the Gospel in the 21st Century

June 2002
Speech from Professor Andrew Walls at the SIL International Conference and WBTI Convention, 6 June 2002.
by Andrew Walls
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Wycliffe and Vision 2025

In 1999, the following Vision 2025 Resolution was adopted by the Wycliffe International organizations and key partners: Motivated by the pressing need for all peoples to have access to the Word of God in a language that speaks to their hearts, and reaffirming our historic values and our trust in God to accomplish the impossible, We embrace the vision that by the year 2025 a Bible translation project will be in progress for every people group that needs it. We acknowledge that this cannot be accomplished simply by our working harder or doing more of what we are now doing. It will require us to make significant changes in our attitudes and ways of working. Our desire is to build capacity for sustainable Bible translation programs and Scripture-use activities. Therefore, we urge each entity within our family of organizations to give priority to strengthening present partnerships, forming additional strategic partnerships, and working together to develop creative approaches appropriate to each context. To this end we commit ourselves to pray for the fulfillment of this vision, seeking God’s guidance and obeying Him in whatever new directions He may lead.
by Wycliffe Global Alliance
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Our Target, God’s Glory

Too often, our efforts at church planting and evangelism fail to bring about the transformation that we hope to see in communities. Nevertheless, Bob Moffitt encourages us with the biblical truth that transformation is possible and exhorts us to focus our efforts thoroughly on the obedience that results in God's glory.
by Bob Moffitt
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The 21st Century Mission: Discipling Nations

Jan. 1998
In this January 1998 article, published by Evangelical Missions Quarterly, Darrow Miller explains that evangelism and discipleship, while essential, are just the beginning of the task.
by Darrow L. Miller
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Music that Writes Culture: Reflections on “Joy to the World”, the Messiah’s Coming, & Kingdom

Darrow Miller challenges all of us to strategically influence culture with biblical principles through the avenues of art as he explores Isaac Watts' classic Christmas hymn and the profound worldview and theology that inspired it.
by Darrow L. Miller
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The Buses Will Wait: The Emergence and Rise of Neo-Evangelicalism

In this very helpful paper, Pastor Wayne Wager makes useful distinctions between Christian fundamentalists and their evangelical counterparts. He examines both the strengths and weaknesses of the New-Evangelical, identifying two major weakness compared with their earlier spiritual fathers. The Neo-Evangelicals were marked by anti-intellectualism and by a limited view of [w]holistic ministry, or engagement in social action. Wager concludes his paper with a call: "What I sense we need is faithfulness to those few core values that make evangelicals what they are. Living true to the teaching of Scripture, being obedient to Jesus Christ, a brave engagement with the world as it is, and a continuing to pray for the genuine conversion of people."
by Wayne Wager
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Awakening the Cultural Dimension of the Great Commission

We are living at a Kairos moment in Church history--a pivotal time where old paradigms are giving way and new ones are emerging. God is awakening within His Bride--the Church--a vision for comprehensive transformation, says Scott Allen in this paper that lays a historical context for the ministry of the Disciple Nations Alliance.
by Scott D. Allen
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England Before and After Wesley

In this paper, Professor Donald Drew summarizes the monumental volume by J.W. Bready entitled England Before and After Wesley, published in 1939. It provides a detailed and inspiring case study of how God transformed an entire nation and culture through John Wesley and the revival that bears his name. Could God be working such a transformation thorugh the Church in our generation?
by Donald Drew
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The Local Church: Minimum vs. Maximum

The Disciple Nations Alliance equips the Church to transform the world, but what exactly is the Church? In this helpful article adapted from a 1981 sermon, John Piper, Pastor of Preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota concisely answers this question by looking at seven "minimum" qualifications as well as the "maximum" vision that God has for His Bride.
by John Piper
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The Power of an Undivided Life

In this article, Scott Allen shows how the Biblical concept of wholism holds the power to free us from a debilitating mental dualism and enable us to enjoy embodied human life in all its wonder. It liberates us to explore vocational alternatives outside of “full time Christian service” and still know that we are both serving and glorifying God. As churches gain a wholistic perspective, they begin to infiltrate the culture, taking with them the power of God’s Word lived out in human flesh.
by Scott D. Allen
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What is Wholistic Ministry?

Wholistic ministry is a seamless combination of preaching, teaching and healing—substantial healing in every area where brokenness exists as a result of the Fall.
by Scott D. Allen
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To Change the World

James Davidson Hunter, Professor of Sociology & Religious Studies, and Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia examines some essential elements for cultural transformation.
by James Davison Hunter
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Recovering a Vision for Kingdom Transformation

Scott Allen and Darrow Miller put forward a call for evangelical missions and Christian relief and development to reunite around a common vision for Kingdom Transformation. However to realize this vision, it will be necessary to recover and build upon the foundation of the Biblical worldview. This article was published in 2004 by the Association of Evangelical Relief and Development Agencies (AERDO).
by Scott D. Allen and Darrow L. Miller
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Transformation: Dream or Reality?

In this article, Disciple Nations Alliance co-founder Bob Moffitt explores the concept of transformational ministry and the central role of the church in the healing of communities and nations. Published by Evangelical Missions Quarterly in 2006.
by Robert Moffitt
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The Rise, Reduction and Recovery of Kingdom Mission, 1800-2000

An important revised and expanded edition of the late Ralph Winter's 2007 article, "The Future of Evangelicals in Mission." In this article, Winter looked back over 200 years of missions history and traced the decline and rebirth of the wholistic "Kingdom" mission championed by the Disciple Nations Alliance.
by Ralph D. Winter
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The Future of Evangelicals in Mission

In this seminal 2007 article, renowned missiologist Ralph Winter provides an insightful overview of 300 years of missions history, and argues that the evangelical Church worldwide is today, recovering the same comprehensive, transformational Kingdom theology that animated the British and U.S. churches during the Wesleyan revival in England and Great Awakening in the U.S.—a theology of Christian involvement in society that led to, among other things, the abolition of the British slave trade.
by Ralph D. Winter
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LifeWork Bible Study

The LifeWork Small Group Bible Study is a 12-lesson, free, downloadable Bible study booklet developed as a companion to Darrow Miller’s LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day. While it is written as a “stand alone” Bible study, participants will benefit more if they read the book. The study is designed for either individual or small group study. If you’re leading a small group through this booklet, a “Leader’s Guide” is provided near the end of this booklet. These guidelines are provided to help you enhance your group’s effectiveness.
by Darrow L. Miller
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LifeWork Study Guide

This study guide is designed to help you reflect and apply what you are reading in Lifework: A Biblical Theology For What You Do Every Day. It is designed for both individual and for small group work. We recommend that you read through the study guide questions for each chapter before you read that chapter. Sometimes there are questions that need to be answered before reading begins. If you are using the study guide in a small group setting, you could set a goal of reading and processing one chapter each week. Please take time to pray and report on the action steps from the previous week’s “to do” assignment before discussing new material. The Greek mind was interested in knowing the truth. Ancient Greeks wanted to fill the mind with knowledge, but had little interest in application of what they were learning. In contrast, the Hebrew mind was interested in both knowing the truth and in doing the truth. Today many Christians are more like Greeks than Hebrews. This study guide will encourage you to be a Hebrew. Therefore, in this study guide there are two parts to each chapter. In the section marked know you will be challenged with questions that will help you reflect on what you are reading. The section marked do will challenge you to put into practice at least one thing that you have learned during that week’s study. May God richly bless you as you process the material in LifeWork.
by Darrow L. Miller
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Interview of Darrow L. Miller, author of LifeWork

Aug. 2012
Darrow Miller, author of LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day, and co-founder of Disciple Nations Alliance, is interviewed by Christian Overman for the course, "Increase Meaning: A Wholistic Approach To Christian Education."
by Worldview Matters
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