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Join the World Christian Movement

When you decided to sign up for the Perspectives class, you may not have realized what you were getting into—that it is not so much a class as it is an introduction to a movement. Perhaps you didn’t catch the full significance of the word movement in the title of the course— Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. Now you know. Now you understand you are being seriously invited to join that movement—the World Christian Movement!
by Ralph D. Winter
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Do Hard Things

Ralph D. Winter addresses the Apostolos conference at the U.S. Center for World Mission in the summer of 2008.
by Ralph D. Winter
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LifeWork: Developing a Biblical Theology of Vocation

"LifeWork: Developing a Biblical Theology of Vocation" is a free, downloadable resource that contains a narrative and series of vocation-related Bible studies and exercises that will help you understand a Biblical perspective of vocation and develop a "biblical theology" for your particular vocational area, leading to practical steps you can take to align your faith and work.
by Darrow L. Miller
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My Place in HIStory: Discovering Your Calling

“My Place in HIStory: Discovering Your Calling” is a free, downloadable resource that contains a set of narratives and exercises designed to guide you through a thoughtful inventory of your calling, and help you discover the unique purpose for which the God of the universe has made you. God loves individuality and has made the universe with incredible diversity. As a human being, there is no one else like you. God has made you for a unique purpose for the advancement of His Kingdom. This workbook will help you discover and embrace your uniqueness, showing you how to use your individuality to advance His Kingdom.
by Darrow L. Miller
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Euangélion Heroes

Friends of Youth for Christ in France have created a fun, humorous video that illustrates that we don’t need to be superheroes to share our faith. Euangélion (εὐαγγέλιον ) means Gospel in ancient Greek dialect (Koine).
by Youth for Christ France
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Recursos Misioneros para la Iglesia Local

Este libro nos introduce y presenta la visión de ver a la iglesia local llevando todo el evangelio a todo el mundo. Tiene como objetivo ser una guía práctica para la reflexión misionológica en la iglesia local en sus procesos de entrenamiento, movilización y conexión a favor de la extensión del Reino de Dios. Su propuesta de valor tiene que ver con la capacitación, conexión y cooperación en la comunidad misionera para fortalecer procesos intencionales de transformación a favor de los menos alcanzados con el evangelio. El público objetivo consiste en equipar a los miembros de las iglesias locales en sus procesos de misión proveyendo una guía y proceso para considerar su implementación en las iglesias locales. El eje estratégico es fortalecer, servir y equipar a los miembros de la iglesia local construyendo capacidad y valor agregado para la misión.
by Carlos Scott
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Timothy Keller: A wedding party encounters Jesus

February 2
Timothy Keller speaks at the Oxford Inter-Collegiate Christian Union (OICCU) Mission Week on John 2:1-11, 'A wedding party encounters Jesus'. (Friday, 10th February 2012)
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Nicky Gumbel on evangelism in the 21st century

Founder of Alpha and vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton Church in London, Nicky Gumbel talks about his experience of Alpha and how he shares the gospel in a 21st century context.
by Evangelical Alliance United Kingdom
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Mungu Akutaka Ujifunze, Ufanye Kazi na Upende

by Thomas Schirrmacher
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Rob Parsons - Care for the Family

Rob Parsons on turning the tide of the child exodus from the church. Evangelical Alliance UK Council.
by Evangelical Alliance United Kingdom
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Foundational Political Values to Guide Governmental and Family Care of Children

9 page long text describing the author’s answer about the foundational political values that should guide governmental and family care of Children and the impact they have in society.
by Thomas K. Johnson
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