May a Christian Go to Court?

Is Involvement in the Fight Against the Persecution of Christians Solely for the Benefit of Christians? – “But with gentleness and respect”: Why missions should be ruled by ethics – Persecution – May a Christian Go to Court? – Putting Rumors to Rest – Human Rights and Christian Faith – There Has to Be a Social Ethic
by Thomas Schirrmacher
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The importance of Bible Translation today

by Wendy Colon
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Strengthening National Alliances and the Local Church in Kenya

by Sophie Nyokabi
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by Rev. OUATTARA Koffi Tehua
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Let’s Strengthen Marriage

by By Plamena Valkova, Sliven - Bulgaria
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Helping Dominican Evangelicals to assume their political responsibility - A socio‐political project

by Manuel Suárez
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Strengthening National Alliances and the Local Church

by Glyn Carpenter
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Transforming Las Toninas

August 10,
by Daniel Bianchi
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City Ministry Development through a ‘Global Volunteer Day’ Campaign—Brussels, Belgium

by Christel Lamère Ngnambi
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Hope for Europe

Official thesis and study of hope in the Old and New Testament for Hope for Europe of the European Evangelical Alliance and Lausanne Europe. How can we demonstrate the Biblical basis of our hope and affirm it towards engaged Christians as well as to non-believers? How can we assert our hopes to Members of Parliament, to businessmen or to mothers? How can we raise the flag of hope in a world drowning in hopelessness and pessimism? We are thus very happy to present the propositions of Thomas Schirrmacher. These statements combine our desire to open the treasury of Biblical hope for many, theologians and laymen, and to encourage them to think about the subject.
by Thomas Schirrmacher
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Biblical Principles in the Public Square

25 page long text describing the author’s perspective about the Biblical principles that should guide the involvement of Christians in the public square and the theological foundation for civic participation.
by Thomas K. Johnson
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