Timothy Keller Interview (Part 2)

May 2012
Krish Kandiah talks to Timothy Keller about his talks at the Oxford University mission in 2012.
by Evangelical Alliance United Kingdom
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Timothy Keller Interview (Part 1)

May 2012
Timothy Keller talks about his love of CS Lewis and provides valuable guidance to anyone involved in evangelistic preaching.
by Evangelical Alliance United Kingdom
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Cris Rogers - What makes a good sermon?

In the first of a regular series, we filmed an interview with Rev Cris Rogers at his church, All Hallows Bow in east London. Watch Cris's answers to questions like 'how do you prepare?', 'do you need a theology degree to be a good preacher?' and 'do you need to be a good public speaker?'
by Evangelical Alliance United Kingdom
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Reconciliation as the Mission of God

A 2005 Paper from 47 Christian Leaders Across the World
by Reconciliation Network
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The Ethics of Da‘wa and Evangelism: Respecting the Other and Freedom of Religion

June 2008
A Talk given at the World Bank during “A Christian and Muslim Dialogue on Creation Care” Sponsored by the National Association of Evangelicals and the Embassy of Morocco in Washington, D.C. June 18-20, 2008
by Rick Love
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The Missing Peace of Evangelical Missiology: Peacemaking and Respectful Witness

June 2008
Christian-Muslim relations comprise one of the momentous challenges of the 21st century. 1 The relationship between Christians and Muslims is supercharged by the “war on terror,” and exacerbated by the fact that western countries are perceived as “Christian” by many Muslims. On top of this, both Christianity and Islam are missionary religions, committed to sharing their faith with all peoples. How then can followers of Christ be agents of peace and respectfully bear witness to their faith in a polarized and globalized world?
by Rick Love
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Recovering Reconciliation as the Mission of God: Ten Theses

by WEA Peace & Reconciliation Initiative
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Para el mundo al que servimos

by Lausana
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United We Stand

Sept. 2004
Over the last ten years there has been an explosion of mission activity in the UK. Churches, organisations, networks and individual Christians are engaging with their communities more than ever before. We are learning again the importance of seeing everything we say and do as part of our worship to God and witness for Him. With the increase of this integral and holistic approach to mission there have also come challenges. These challenges revolve around deeper issues of partnership, trust and collaboration. This report is a call to explore these things together. The challenges it raises are opportunities for the Christian community to stand together to serve those who are on the edges of our society.
by Social Responsibility Team
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Jubilee Lifestyle: Users’ guide

Aug. 2011
A discipleship course from the Jubilee Centre based on the Christian lifestyle book Free to Live.
by Guy Brandon
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Jubilee Lifestyle: Leaders’ notes

Aug. 2011
A discipleship course from the Jubilee Centre based on the Christian lifestyle book Free to Live.
by Guy Brandon
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Imagine what might happen if we really believed in God’s power to transform people’s lives? Imagine what might happen if we were gripped with joy and gratitude by the difference Christ’s love has made to our lives? Imagine what might happen if we looked around at the people we spend our days with and asked God: how do you want me to be good news to these people today? Imagine what might happen if we rediscovered our resources in Christ and learned to be channels of lavish blessing to our fellow citizens, wherever we meet them? Imagine what might happen if we created Christian communities where people were safe to be who they are, and encouraged to become all that they can be?
by Mark Greene
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Thy Kingdom Come II

May 1995
To complete the Great Commission is what we are all working for. But no one in AD 2000 is bold enough to say for sure just what is implied by the completion of the Great Commission. Since the Great Commission is not an idea that is specific enough to make into a measurable goal the AD 2000 Movement has wisely chosen a purpose statement which is eminently measurable—A Church for Every People and the Gospel for Every Person. –as if you can get the Gospel to every person without planting a church movement which is meaningful to every person.
by Ralph D. Winter
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Thy Kingdom Come

May 1995
by Ralph D. Winter
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The Strategic Value of Saturation Church Planting

Show me a denomination in decline and I will show you a denomination without a church planting vision. Show me a country where the Christian population is stagnant or in decline and I will show you the denominations within it, with no church planting vision. It stands to reason. Yet, there are now numerous countries that show major evangelical growth since the denominations and church groups settled on a specific national church planting goal. In every continent of the world there are church planting movements breaking through the barriers of evil resistance, bringing the glory of the Lord, the incarnate presence of Christ into their communities.
by Danie Vermeulen
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The Redrawing of the Global Map in the Post-Cold- War Mission Era

by Dawn Ministries
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Procedural Manual for Church Building

by International Cooperating Ministries
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John 1 Incarnation

by Dawn Ministries
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Global DAWN - Type Models

by Dawn Ministries
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Do They Know Us by Our Love?

May 1997
by John Ortberg
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