DAWN 2000: 7 Million Churches To Go

June 1989
This book is not only the story of DAWN, but it is the warm and moving story of Jim and Lyn Montgomery as they have given their bodies as a living sacrifice for the completion of the Great Commission. Nothing exemplifies their faith and courage more than the bold step they took in mid-career to leave a comfortable position in an established mission agency to pioneer Dawn Ministries, fully expecting to lose their home, their car, their regular income and who knows what else. And nothing could highlight God's faithfulness more than his constant, loving provision of their needs ever since.
by Jim Montgomery
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13 Steps to a Successful Growth Program

At the heart of the DAWN strategy for saturating countries with evangelical congregations until there is one for every small group of people in every ethnic and cultural setting is the Church denomination. It is the denominational growth programs in the Philippines, for example, that have brought about the doubling of the rate of growth for that whole nation in the past ten years and has kept them on target for the goal of 50,000 churches by 200 AD. A study of those denominational programs--and those in other nations as well--reveals at least 13 common denominators that seems to be essential ingredients for any successful growth program.
by James H. Montgomery
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Code of Best Practices for Christian Refugee Ministry

The Code of Best Practices for Christian Refugee Ministry is designed as a benchmark document to guide the policies and practice of organisations regarding Christian humanitarian service and witness to refugees. Put together by the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission.
by Refugee Highway Partnership, WEA Mission Commission
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Time-line of Evangelicalism in Canada

by George Rawlyk
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Snapshots: Evangelicals in Canada 1900-2000

A large poster, distributed with the NovDec1999 issue of Faith Today, summarizing the recent history of Evangelicals in Canada.
by Robert Burkinshaw
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The Code of Best Practice in Short-term Mission

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada worked with leaders across Canada to develop the Code of Best Practice in Short-term Mission. The result is a benchmark, a set of standards that flow from the desire that God be glorified in all we do and that we serve in the highest standards possible. This is the second edition of the Code, revised and published in February 2009.
by The Global Mission Roundtable
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The Code of Best Practice for Church to Church Partnerships

The EFC Global Mission Roundtable worked with leaders across Canada to develop the Code of Best Practice in Church-to-Church Partnerships, addressing the relatively new phenomenon of churches wanting to connect and to partner directly with other churches around the world. The result is a benchmark, a set of standards that flow from the desire that God be glorified in all we do and that we serve in the highest standards possible.
by EFC Global Mission Roundtable
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Missions: a Human Right or an Infringement of Human Rights?

by Thomas Schirrmacher
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The Two Structures of God’s Redemptive Mission

It is the thesis of this article that whether Christianity takes on Western or Asian form, there will still be two basic kinds of structures that will make up the movement. Most of the emphasis will be placed on pointing out the existence of these two structures as they have continuously appeared across the centuries. This will serve to define, illustrate and compare their nature and importance. The writer will also endeavor to explain why he believes our efforts today in any part of the world will be most effective only if both of these two structures are fully and properly involved and supportive of each other.
by Ralph D. Winter
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The Kingdom Strikes Back: Ten Epochs of Redemptive History

Man has virtually erased his own story. Human beings as far back as we have any paleological record have been fighting each other so much that they have destroyed well over 90 percent of their own handiwork. Their libraries, their literature, their cities, their works of art are mostly gone. Even the little that remains from the distant past is riddled with evidences of a strange and pervasive evil that has grotesquely distorted man’s potential.
by Ralph D. Winter
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The New Macedonia

In recent years, a serious misunderstanding has crept into the thinking of many evangelicals. Curiously, it is based on a number of wonderful facts. The gospel has now gone to the ends of the earth. Christians have now fulfilled the Great Commission in at least a geographical sense. At this moment of history, we can acknowledge with great respect and pride those evangelists of every nation who have gone before us and whose sacrificial efforts and heroic accomplishments have made Christianity by far the world’s largest and most widespread religion, with a Christian church on every continent and in practically every country. This is no hollow victory. Now more than at any time since Jesus walked the shores of Galilee, we know with complete confidence that the gospel is for all men, that it makes sense in any language and that it is not merely a religion of the Mediterranean or of the West.
by Ralph D. Winter
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The Mission of the Kingdom

Most people interested in missions are staggered by the unusual span of concern and mission strategy reflected in Carey’s pioneering ministry in India. The very breadth of Carey’s classical outreach leads us to ask what Carey might “see” today as the full range of God’s concerns in mission. That kind of sight is something our optic nerves do not handle. “The eyes of the heart” (Eph 1:18) are quite apparently not the eyes of our heads. To what extent did Carey’s breadth reflect the mission of the Kingdom?
by Ralph D. Winter
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Reconsecration To a Wartime, Not a Peacetime, Lifestyle

Not since World War II has America seen all-out mobilization of the general population to support the cause of attaining victory over what was almost universally acknowledged to be a great evil. Ralph Winter recalls his experience as one who lived through World War II. He envisions what it might be like if Christians took the Great Commission just as seriously—as a prolonged spiritual war—as many people did during that great war.
by Ralph D. Winter
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Finishing the Task

God’s promise to bless all the “families of the earth,” first given to Abraham 4,000 years ago, is becoming a reality at a pace “you would not believe.” Although some may dispute some of the details, the overall trend is indisputable: Biblical faith is growing and spreading to the ends of the earth as never before in history.
by Ralph D. Winter, Bruce A. Koch
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Join the World Christian Movement

When you decided to sign up for the Perspectives class, you may not have realized what you were getting into—that it is not so much a class as it is an introduction to a movement. Perhaps you didn’t catch the full significance of the word movement in the title of the course— Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. Now you know. Now you understand you are being seriously invited to join that movement—the World Christian Movement!
by Ralph D. Winter
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Four Men, Three Eras, Two Transitions: Modern Missions

College students around the world used to be bowled over by Marxist thought. One powerful reason was that Communism had a “long look.” Communists claimed to know where history was heading, and that they were merely following inevitable trends. Recently, evangelicals, too, have thought a lot about trends in history and their relationship to events to come. The massive response a while back to Hal Lindsey’s books and films about possible events in the future has shown us that people are responsive to a “where are we going?” approach to life.
by Ralph D. Winter
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Are We Ready for Tomorrow’s Kingdom?

A Jewish rabbi in Los Angeles has thrown down the gauntlet to wayward Westernized Jews. He claims that his own Orthodoxy is the only genuine form of the Jewish faith. He feels Conservative and Reformed Jewish congregations have gone the way of “Christianity”! The idea is that the true faith can only be contained in a certain, specific true culture, the original culture.
by Ralph D. Winter
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Prayer: Rebelling Against the Status Quo

You will be appalled by the story I am about to relate to you. Appalled, that is, if you have any kind of social conscience.
by David Wells
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Three Mission Eras

It is a huge intellectual task to give a brief but fair summary of the last two centuries. In this period more people by far lived, did more things and did more significant things for the Kingdom of God than in all previous history.
by Ralph D. Winter
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The Living God is a Missionary God

Millions of people in today’s world are extremely hostile to the Christian missionary enterprise.
by John R. W. Stott
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