Martin Bucer: Concerning the True Care of Souls

by George M. Ella
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Christ and Culture

by Thomas K. Johnson
Views: 3874

Bribery and Corruption

by Thomas Schirrmacher
Views: 3698

Bijbelse Principes van Evangelische Missiologie

by Thomas Schirrmacher
Views: 3805

Biblical Reasons for Evangelical Missions

by Thomas Schirrmacher
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An Appeal for Alternative Education Models for Church and Missions

by Thomas Schirrmacher
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A Statement On Prosperity Teaching

This is a statement, offered as a discussion starter for further reflection (theological, ethical, pastoral and missiological, socio-political and economic) on the phenomenal rise of prosperity teaching around the world at large and Africa in particular. The points below are a digest of many points made in the course of the discussion of three papers at the Oct. 2008 and ten papers at the Sept 2009 consultations.
by Lausanne Theology Working Group
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“But it Does Move!”, and Other Legends About the Galileo-Affair

25 page long text that dissects the Galileo-affair and gives perspective on the relationship between science and religion.
by Thomas Schirrmacher
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Adam and Eve, who are you?

One of the great questions of postmodern culture is the question, “What is a human being?” This 10 page long text tries to give us an answer to this fundamental question. Through looking at the image of our ancestors Adam and Eva we can come to understand ourselves and our condition. What kind of beings are we?
by Thomas K. Johnson
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New Book on Contextualization from the Theological Commission

The Theological Commission announces the release of its new book on contextualization: Local Theology for the Global Church: Principles for an Evangelical Approach to Contextualization. In the summer of 2008 fifteen scholars from all around the world g
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Is there a Contradiction between the two Creation Accounts?

14 page long exploratory work on the two supposedly contradictory accounts for creation described in the two first chapters of the book of Genesis.
by Thomas Schirrmacher
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The Twofold Work of God in the World

9 page long text on the twofold work of God in the world - the work of God the Father and the work of God the Son - both of which are made effective in human experience by the Holy Spirit.
by Thomas K. Johnson
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Henry Bullinger: Shepherd of the Churches

18 page long text on Henry Bullinger that gives a brief resume of the importance of the theology and role of Henry Bullinger in the context of the reformation
by Dr. George M. Ella
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Martin Bucer: Moderator of the Reformation

10 page long text on Martin Bucer that gives a brief resume of the importance of the theology and role of Martin Bucer in the context of the reformation
by Dr. George M. Ella
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Is the Bible a Falsification?

Among Muslims today, the idea that the text of the Bible has been falsified has long been a part of common belief. It is assumed that the Old as well as the New Testament originally were genuine revelations from God, but that in the course of time they were altered and distorted by human beings. Among Muslim non-theologians, there prevails only a vague knowledge about how these changes were undertaken and to which Biblical statements they are supposed to apply. Muslim theologians, on the other hand, attempt to corroborate the Islamic dogma of the falsification of the Biblical texts with arguments from the historical-critical exegesis of the Bible as practiced by Christian theologians.
by Dr. Christine Schirrmacher
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