The Ethics of Da‘wa and Evangelism: Respecting the Other and Freedom of Religion

June 2008
A Talk given at the World Bank during “A Christian and Muslim Dialogue on Creation Care” Sponsored by the National Association of Evangelicals and the Embassy of Morocco in Washington, D.C. June 18-20, 2008
by Rick Love
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The Missing Peace of Evangelical Missiology: Peacemaking and Respectful Witness

June 2008
Christian-Muslim relations comprise one of the momentous challenges of the 21st century. 1 The relationship between Christians and Muslims is supercharged by the “war on terror,” and exacerbated by the fact that western countries are perceived as “Christian” by many Muslims. On top of this, both Christianity and Islam are missionary religions, committed to sharing their faith with all peoples. How then can followers of Christ be agents of peace and respectfully bear witness to their faith in a polarized and globalized world?
by Rick Love
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Informe del Observatorio Cívico Independiente sobre “Libertad e igualdad religiosa y de conciencia en España en 2006”

by Observatorio Cívico Independiente
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A Christian Defense of Religious Freedom

July 1996
Adapted from an "Occasional Paper" written for the World Evangelical Fellowship by Paul Marshall, July 1996. This paper examines religious freedom in the Old and New Testaments, and in Christian history. The paper concludes that the task of governments is to deal justly and equally with all the people that God has placed in its authority, and that the promotion of religious freedom is an essential aspect of the government's role.
by Paul Marshall
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A History of Faith – A New Century of Suffering

March 2010
This 19-page document includes a history of the Christian church in Iraq including a look at Christianity during the reign of Saddam Hussein and the effect of the U.S. led invasion on Assyrian Christians in 2003. The report details the nature and intensity of persecution suffered daily by Iraqi believers for their faith in Christ. Drawing on verified sources and documented attacks the report paints an agonizing portrait of a reality of suffering that few western Christians could imagine. The report discusses the difficult choice faced by Iraqi Christians who must decide whether to stay in their homes or flee to poverty. With a proud and deep history in the early church, escaping to another country is, for some, a betrayal of these strong roots. Many choose to relocate away from hot spots of persecution to ‘safer’ regions, but never fully escape the suffering that comes with the name “Christian”. The conclusion of the report includes thoughtful and practical recommendations to the Canadian Government that take into account the difficult balance any government must master - between taking a stand on behalf of the persecuted and bringing more attention, and potentially more harm, to lives already vulnerable. “Christianity has been evident in Iraq for fourteen centuries”, notes Don Hutchinson, chair of the EFC RLC, “but the Iraqi church has not faced greater danger or forced dispersion as has taken place since the U.S. led invasion in 2005. This country has rewritten its constitution and now enters an election period, but Iraqi Christians are living without being able to request or enforce the Iraqi constitutional right of religious freedom. In fact, instead they face cruel persecution for their faith.”
by Religious Liberty Commission, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
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BROKEN PROMISES: The Protestant Experience with Religious Freedom in China in Advance of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

June 2008
A report by the EFC's Religious Liberty Commission, released June 10, 2008. The 27-page report identifies the general extent of persecution faced by the Protestant house church movement in China. It also documents trends that illustrate the continued repression of freedom of religion taking place in advance of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
by EFC Religious Liberty Commission
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Turkey: Where Christians are seen as a Threat

The most contradictory social movements imaginable are touching off deadly tensions in the land of Turkey. We see the European oriented, “enlightened” elite, often educated in government schools, in which women enjoy the freedom to make decisions and set the direction of their lives; we also see the vast numbers of followers of traditional Islam with its conservative separation of men and women into prescribed roles; and we see a combination of radical nationalism with religious extremism which repeatedly responds to a perceived threat from the “Christian” West with violence. This last group perceives in the mere existence of Christians on Turkish soil an immediate assault which threatens to undermine the unity and character of the Turkish nation, and this threat becomes unbearable when Christians proclaim their faith.
by Christine Schirrmacher
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The Bad Urach Call

This is a short popularized summary of some of the points of the extensive Bad Urach Statement by evangelical leaders from many lands who gathered on September 16-18, 2009, in Bad Urach, Germany, on the invitation of the Religious Liberty Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance and other bodies, organized by the International Institute for Religious Freedom. The summary was edited by Pastor Dr. Thomas K. Johnson, Prague.
by International Institute for Religious Freedom
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Der Bad Urach Aufruf

Dies ist eine kurze allgemeinverständliche Zusammenfassung einiger Punkte der umfangreichen Bad Urach Er-klärung von evangelikalen Leitern aus vielen Ländern, die sich vom 16. bis 18. September 2009 auf Einladung der Kommission für Religionsfreiheit der Weltweiten Evangelischen Allianz und anderer Zusammenschlüsse in Bad Urach versammelten. Organisiert wurde dieses Treffen vom Internationalen Institut für Religionsfreiheit. Die Zu-sammenfassung wurde von Pastor Dr. Thomas K. Johnson, Prag, erstellt und von Maximilian Hölzl mit Unter-stützung von Dr. Christof Sauer ins Deutsche übersetzt.
by International Institute for Religious Freedom
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Bad Urach Statement

There are different types of theologies of cross in liberationist, Roman-Catholic, Orthodox and other streams of Christianity that have varying degrees of influence on the evangelical movement. Much can be learned from their insights and concerns. Simultaneously evangelicals need to clarify where at times they hold different paradigms and positions on particular issues in order to be better conversation partners. Therefore 24 participants from at least 18 different countries of origin and residence met from 16-18 September 2009 in Bad Urach, Germany, for a consultation on ‘Developing an evangelical theology of suffering, persecution and martyrdom for the global church in mission’. More people participated in an electronic discussion forum. This was organized by the International Institute for Religious Freedom, sponsored by the World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission, together with the Theological Commission and Mission Commission, and the Lausanne Theological Working Group in preparation towards the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, Cape Town 2010. As an outcome of their consultation the participants want to send a message to the whole body of Christ and to their fellow evangelicals in particular. It comes from some of those evangelicals from different parts of the globe and various contexts who have possibly most advanced in formulating an evangelical theology of suffering, persecution and martyrdom. It is not addressed from ‘the West’ to ‘the rest’, or ‘from traditional sending countries’ to ‘mission fields’, nor from the ‘non-persecuted’ to the ‘persecuted’. It has rather been designed by evangelicals from contexts with various levels of persecution reading the Bible together, sharing their own contextually relevant theologies, and considering some of Christian theology and tradition together.
by International Institute for Religious Freedom
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2012, March 30 Bonner Querschnitte Bonn Profiles – Press Reports

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IIRF Reports Vol. 1, No. 3 (3/2012)

The IIRF Reports are a monthly journal from the International Institute for Religious Freedom with special reports, research projects, reprints and documentation.
by Thomas Schirrmacher
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