Profiles of Poverty: Executive Summary

Feb. 2012
Almost one third of the population lives below the poverty line. World Vision wanted to know who are these poor and where do they live? In addition, many of the current documents “stem from the same core surveys”, conducted by the same institutions. This has resulted in reports citing the same sources and deriving similar conclusions. World Vision was then keen to bring the voice of the poor to the forefront of the discussion. “The objective was to understand the dynamics of poverty and allow the groups affected a voice to describe the realities of being poor”. This resource is written both in English and Arabic.
by Rupen Das and Julie Davidson
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Who’s counting? 9.2 million children – the cost of inaction on child health

A large and growing body of research and on-the-ground experience indicates that comprehensive provision of appropriate health services at the community and district levels will make a very big difference to the lives of poor children and their mothers. PDF: 502 Kb
by World Vision
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Reflections on Social Justice

Many young Christians care about social justice. They believe God calls us to feed the poor, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, and seek justice in the public square. But the Bible also provides a framework, or a worldview, in which we must do this work of service. We share this paper with hopes that it will help Christians think critically and Biblically about this important topic.
by Darrow Miller, Scott Allen, and Gary Brumbelow
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Global Future 2009, Number 3

This edition explains how climate change will hit poor people in poor countries hardest, and laments that very few rich countries have offered the emissions reductions needed to keep climate warming under 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. PDF: 2.24 Mb
by World Vision
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Global Future 2009, Number 1

The tumultuous events in financial markets over the past year, coming on top of the global food crisis, have forced practitioners and theorists alike to fundamentally re-assess how development can be achieved in a highly integrated world. Read about the perspectives of World Vision and others in Global Future magazine. PDF: 1.8 Mb
by World Vision
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Global Future 2006, Number 3

Governance is now widely accepted as a critical factor for poverty eradication. This Global Future asks: How can the international community address the 'governance gap'? How can civil society actors secure the space to exercise their right – and duty – to engage with the state for better governance? And does improved transparency and accountability make life better for the poor? PDF: 2.1 Mb
by World Vision
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The Jesus Agenda Study Guide

The Jesus Agenda is a film-based, nine week course that follows Joel Edwards on a journey across four continents - through Lima, Lagos, Washington, New York and London. Through interviews and case studies it explores how Luke 4, sometimes known as the Nazareth Manifesto, is shaping and challenging individuals, churches and organisations today. This resource is an accompanying study guide designed for small groups, seminars or individual study provides space to re-examine the Jesus agenda of Luke 4 and re-apply it to the world we live in today. Groups will explore how the good news of the gospel and the liberating power of the Spirit should lead 21st century Christians to become advocates of the poor and vulnerable. This resource is produced in partnership with Christian Aid, Compassion and Micah Challenge. The DVD and single study guide is available free, although you may like to make a small donation to help cover costs if you are able. Additional study guides can also be ordered at
by Vikki McLachlan, Joel Edwards
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The World We Want

This report bears witness to the messages that ‘we, the people’ sent to political, corporate and civic leaders this year. It shows what political and practical actions people themselves are taking against poverty and inequality. In this first pilot report of the World We Want we spell out our plans, and tell of only a fraction of the actions people all over the world are taking. This report will now be released annually on October 17, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. It is but a reflection on what was done the previous year, how civil society has taken action. We hope that in the coming years there will be ‘World We Want’ reports written at local, national and global levels all over the world. Let the 17th of October become our annual celebration of moving towards, and achieving parts of the ‘World We Want’ – as well as an inspiration for us all when we read what our brothers and sisters locally and globally are working for, against, and achieving. Our common human courage and spirit can be greater than any economic or environmental crisis: We can live in peace in a healthy environment! We can transform a competitive into a cooperative culture, dominance into inclusion, and exploitation of each other and our planet into respect, balance and harmony.
by Global Call to Action against Poverty
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Good News to the Poor

Aug. 1999
This background paper is a biblical primer on poverty, written to help contemporary Christians understand the importance of the Bible's message about poor neighbours. It sets out a biblically based framework for understanding and acting on poverty in today's society. Good News to the Poor examines: (1) who are the poor? (2) the nature of poverty, wealth and idolatry, (3) the relationship of poverty to grace, (4) the spiritual roots of present-day poverty, (5) the ways contemporary differentiated society can engage poverty, and (6) the state's distinct role in addressing poverty.
by EFC Social Action Commission
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Contre toute attente: Espoir Pour L'Afrique

by Darrow L. Miller, Scott D. Allen
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Truth and Community Transformation

Today, "community development" has largely become a secularized industry, one that views poverty as socially or structurally caused, and whose solutions are likewise mechanical and structural. For Christians, the danger of unintentionally operating within this false framework is very real. Developed by a team of seasoned community development practitioners, Truth and Community Transformation provides a practical resource for Christians to apply a rigorously biblical mindset to grass-roots development work. It concisely details a series of biblically-rooted principles covering such topics as agriculture, health, and child development. Written for workers of Christian compassion who deeply desire to function within a distinctively biblical framework.
by Scott Allen
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The Forest in the Seed

In The Forest in the Seed, Scott Allen and Darrow Miller set out to answer these questions: What resources do we need for truly Christian community development, and where do these resources come from? The transformation of impoverished communities requires resources, yet our worldview determines our vision for what resources we have and which are most important. The Bible reveals God as the source of all resource. He is "Jehova Jireh," the God who provides for His creation. But do we have eyes to see this vast array of resources? Do our development activities help others discover their God-given resources or hinder them? The Forest in the Seed is a Biblical exploration of the important topic of resources.
by Scott D. Allen, Darrow L. Miller
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Agains All Hope: Hope for Africa

Against All Hope: Hope for Africa examines the situation in Africa today from the vantage point of a distinctively biblical worldview and argues that true hope for transformation lies with the rapidly expanding African Church practicing a wholistic ministry and taking biblical truth boldly into every sphere of society. Against All Hope: Hope for Africa is a joint project of the Disciple Nations Alliance and Samaritan Strategy Africa.
by Darrow L. Miller, Scott Alen
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Shining a Light on Corruption - Micah Challenge

by Joel Edwards
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Children's Guide to MDGs

The Millennium Development Goals are eight promises, agreed in 2000 by 189 nations. They set out the ways that the world needs to change by 2015, to increase justice and equality. How much they do or don’t succeed will have an enormous impact on the children of the world. Prayer and practical action are both needed to overcome the spiritual and economic forces behind poverty. The prayers and background information set out here are designed to help children and adults pray about eight basic issues of poverty outlined in the Millennium Development Goals.
by VIVA Network and Micah Challenge
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Open for Service

by Micah Challenge
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A Life of Transformation

As any Festschrift, this book contains both the academic reflections and the personal recollections on the life and work of Colonel Doner which his friends and fellow laborers have provided. Perhaps what makes this Festschrift a little more unusual is that it is written about a man who not only thought, spoke, or wrote; as are so many Festschrifts — though he did all these things too — but is written in honor of a man who is primarily a man of action.
by Colonel V. Doner, Thomas Schirrmacher, Kathleen Wally McCall
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Micah Network Global Consultation: Slide Show

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