Biblica InDepth, 2010, Issue 5

Through Biblica InDepth, you will read of transformed lives through the power of God's Word. InDepth is published quarterly by Biblica, with global headquarters located at 1820 Jet Stream Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921.
by Biblica
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Timothy Keller Interview (Part 2)

May 2012
Krish Kandiah talks to Timothy Keller about his talks at the Oxford University mission in 2012.
by Evangelical Alliance United Kingdom
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Timothy Keller Interview (Part 1)

May 2012
Timothy Keller talks about his love of CS Lewis and provides valuable guidance to anyone involved in evangelistic preaching.
by Evangelical Alliance United Kingdom
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Cris Rogers - What makes a good sermon?

In the first of a regular series, we filmed an interview with Rev Cris Rogers at his church, All Hallows Bow in east London. Watch Cris's answers to questions like 'how do you prepare?', 'do you need a theology degree to be a good preacher?' and 'do you need to be a good public speaker?'
by Evangelical Alliance United Kingdom
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“Build My Church!”, Volume 1

The name of this training medium, “BUILD MY CHURCH” derives from the statement of Jesus in Matt 16:13, “I will BUILD MY CHURCH, and even the gates of hell shall be able to prevail against it.” The vital premise is that Christ has promised to BUILD (set up, put together, assemble, construct, grow) HIS Church, i.e. the Church of which He is the architect, Master Builder and owner.
by Gerald Rowlands
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Amy Grant

July 2011
In this interview for EA UK Slipstream Amy Grant talks about her life, her music, and her faith - and how important it is to trust in God when going through tough times.
by Evangelical Alliance United Kingdom
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Nicky Gumbel on evangelism in the 21st century

Founder of Alpha and vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton Church in London, Nicky Gumbel talks about his experience of Alpha and how he shares the gospel in a 21st century context.
by Evangelical Alliance United Kingdom
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Mafunzo Yahusuyo Uongozi wa Kanisa

Utawala wa Kanisa Paulo na Watendakazi Wenzake Yesu kama Mwelimishaji Mkuu Wito wa Mitindo Mbadala ya Elimu kwa ajili ya Kanisa na Misheni Je, Ukatoliki wa Kirumi Umebadilika?
by Thomas Schirrmacher
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WEA Leadership Institute Introduction Video

Video presentation of the WEA Leadership Institute
by WEA Leadership Institute
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Studies in Church Leadership

New Testament church structure, Paul and his coworkers, an alternative theological education, a critique of Catholic Canon Law Thomas Schirrmacher.
by Thomas Schirrmacher
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