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Getting Started

This pack brings together resources that should prove helpful in meeting your more immediate needs. It will also provide you with a basic understanding of the ministry of the World Evangelical Alliance.
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Global Trends Questionnaire 2013 - Results

WEA Global Trends Questionnaire was a survey sent to Evangelical Alliances, Regional Evangelical Alliances, WEA Global Partners, WEA Commissions, WEA Task Forces and WEA Initiatives.
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World Evangelical Alliance Stewardship Survey

Biblical stewardship, generous living, Kingdom focused giving and God-honoring fund mobilization should become a way of life in the evangelical community. The responses to the World Evangelical Alliance Stewardship Survey indicate that though stewardship, generosity and giving are seen as very important to Christian life, this is not always reflected in teaching and preaching in local churches and theological institutions. This has an impact on actual giving. A better theological and practical engagement in the areas of stewardship, generosity, giving and fund mobilization as well as wealth and poverty might be needed. Stewardship, generosity, giving and fund mobilization training could be valuable in the World Evangelical Alliance community while the development of appropriate stewardship platforms in WEA members should also be considered.
by Dr Sas Conradie, Coordinator Global Generosity Network
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A Green Advent

Here are thirty Bible passages related both to Christmas and to God’s creation. For each Bible passage there are four thought questions on meaning of the passage, and three action questions on the present application of the passage. Whether studying alone or in a group, select from the questions, with no obligations to consider them all. Then you will find that in each study the Truth To Celebrate and the Advent-Action will help focus the light of the Bible, the light of Christmas, into our lives.
by Paul de Vries
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Martha and Mary

Nov. 2007
Article from the November 2007 WEA Connections Magazine.
by Rebecca Margaret Nyegenye
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The Education That Leads to Freedom

A nation cannot be discipled without equipped citizens. Only an education founded on a biblical worldview can impart that equipping. The Puritans developed a comprehensive and Christ-centered approach to education: Technologia. Their wholistic view of knowledge and education (in contrast with today’s emphasis on “siloed” specialization) prepared citizens for right living as opposed to merely knowing things and gaining skills to excel in a consumer society.
by Darrow L. Miller
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The Power of Voodoo to Impoverish and Enslave a Nation

How did Haiti, once called "The Jewel of the Antilles," arrive at its present troubles? Like Africa, Haiti is abundant in natural resources. Yet in both places many people live on less than a dollar a day. Both have had massive foreign assistance and investments, yet both remain impoverished. Corruption, disease, and poverty still dominate this island nation. These are only symptoms of the true problem, however, the consequences of wrong beliefs. Can Haiti be freed from the mental stronghold of voodoo and reach her God-given potential? Yes. But only on a new foundation.
by Chris Ampadu
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Great Commission Utilitarianism

According to Darrow Miller, "philosophic pragmatism" determines that something is valuable if it is functional; it is good if it works! Unfortunately, many Christians have, perhaps unconsciously, denied the biblical virtues of truth, beauty and goodness for utilitarianism. Great Commission Utilitarianism refers specifically to a prevailing Christian view of work and wealth. Work is separated from God's purpose and viewed as a necessary evil, or even a curse. Wealth is detached from God's glory and is part of God's intentions for families, communities and even nations.
by Darrow L. Miller
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The Lordship of Christ Over All of Life

The first of our DNA Core Beliefs is the Lordship of Christ. As pastor Barry Seagren says in this powerful sermon, "This is one of those things that no [sincere Christian] can object to. No one believes in the Lordship of Christ over half of life. But it is not as straightforward as it may seem. Why not? Because in Western culture there is a dichotomy, a sharp division which has affected us deeply."
by Barry Seagren
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Music that Writes Culture: Reflections on “Joy to the World”, the Messiah’s Coming, & Kingdom

Darrow Miller challenges all of us to strategically influence culture with biblical principles through the avenues of art as he explores Isaac Watts' classic Christmas hymn and the profound worldview and theology that inspired it.
by Darrow L. Miller
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Keep Children Safe Online: For Parents

"Keep Children Safe Online: For Parents" is a brochure guide in Arabic for parents on how to help keep their children safe in the online world.
by World Vision
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Reflections on the Global Economic Crisis

Darrow L. Miller responds to the current economic crisis by examining its root causes and urging Christians to return to a biblical virtues of thrift, hard work, saving, and contentment as an anecdote to the current crisis.
by Darrow L. Miller
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Worldview and Art: A Call for Balladeers

"Where does the impulse for human creativity come from? What are the implications of this impulse for Christians who have a call to the arts, especially as it relates to the issue of culture and discipling a nation? Why is it that some people are born with music in their soul, dance in their legs, a poem on their lips, or hands longing for a canvas and brush or for the touch of clay? Where does human longing for beauty, goodness, and Truth come from? Does my worldview provide a basis for art and music?" These questions and more are addressed in Darrow L. Miller's article, Worldview and Arts: A Call for Balladeers. Miller explores the answers different worldviews give, and explains what the Biblical worldview says in answer to these questions.
by Darrow L. Miller
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The Buses Will Wait: The Emergence and Rise of Neo-Evangelicalism

In this very helpful paper, Pastor Wayne Wager makes useful distinctions between Christian fundamentalists and their evangelical counterparts. He examines both the strengths and weaknesses of the New-Evangelical, identifying two major weakness compared with their earlier spiritual fathers. The Neo-Evangelicals were marked by anti-intellectualism and by a limited view of [w]holistic ministry, or engagement in social action. Wager concludes his paper with a call: "What I sense we need is faithfulness to those few core values that make evangelicals what they are. Living true to the teaching of Scripture, being obedient to Jesus Christ, a brave engagement with the world as it is, and a continuing to pray for the genuine conversion of people."
by Wayne Wager
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Awakening the Cultural Dimension of the Great Commission

We are living at a Kairos moment in Church history--a pivotal time where old paradigms are giving way and new ones are emerging. God is awakening within His Bride--the Church--a vision for comprehensive transformation, says Scott Allen in this paper that lays a historical context for the ministry of the Disciple Nations Alliance.
by Scott D. Allen
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Culture: Where the Physical & Spiritual Converge

"God made humankind to be culture makers, and it matters hugely what kind of culture we create. Whatever our vocation, whatever domain we are called to, as Christians our work is ultimately to create Kingdom culture--culture that reflects the nature and character of God." This paper is adapted from Darrow Miller's book on biblical theology and vocation, forthcoming from YWAM Publishing.
by Darrow L. Miller
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Agriculture and the Kingdom of God

In this paper, Darrow Miller lays out a Biblical theology for sustainable agriculture and creation care. Originally published in the 2003 book Biblical Holism and Agriculture: Cultivating our Roots, David J. Evans, Ronald J. Vos and Keith P. Wright, ed.
by Darrow L. Miller
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The Power of an Undivided Life

In this article, Scott Allen shows how the Biblical concept of wholism holds the power to free us from a debilitating mental dualism and enable us to enjoy embodied human life in all its wonder. It liberates us to explore vocational alternatives outside of “full time Christian service” and still know that we are both serving and glorifying God. As churches gain a wholistic perspective, they begin to infiltrate the culture, taking with them the power of God’s Word lived out in human flesh.
by Scott D. Allen
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Integrating Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Interventions in Global Fund-Supported Programmes

July 2012
This paper offers a guide to Global Fund-programme implementers to optimally utilise existing opportunities in Global Fund-supported country programmes to maximise MNCH outcomes. It examines each stage in the lifecycle and provides, as an annex, a menu of interventions within programmes for the three diseases to address ways in which these diseases affect MNCH outcomes, along with MNCH interventions that can be added on to disease-specific interventions of Global Fund-supported programmes. It also presents an array of linkages and actions from national health systems to community levels that, together, can effectively deliver the range of MNCH interventions within disease programmes, with particular attention to organisational “preparedness” of health systems, to enable integrated service delivery.
by World Vision
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LifeWork Bible Study

The LifeWork Small Group Bible Study is a 12-lesson, free, downloadable Bible study booklet developed as a companion to Darrow Miller’s LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day. While it is written as a “stand alone” Bible study, participants will benefit more if they read the book. The study is designed for either individual or small group study. If you’re leading a small group through this booklet, a “Leader’s Guide” is provided near the end of this booklet. These guidelines are provided to help you enhance your group’s effectiveness.
by Darrow L. Miller
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