Getting Started

This pack brings together resources that should prove helpful in meeting your more immediate needs. It will also provide you with a basic understanding of the ministry of the World Evangelical Alliance.
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Global Trends Questionnaire 2013 - Results

WEA Global Trends Questionnaire was a survey sent to Evangelical Alliances, Regional Evangelical Alliances, WEA Global Partners, WEA Commissions, WEA Task Forces and WEA Initiatives.
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Prayer and Planning: The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s Communal Discernment Model

In the fall of 2007, the staff of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada embarked on a journey of integrating communal prayer practices with strategic planning efforts. The path that we took over the next six months was shaped, on the one hand, by the practice of communal prayer that we formed and, on the other, by a modification of the “Appreciative Inquiry” model for strategic planning. What we were forging was, in fact, a process for “communal discernment.” Our communal discernment model has brought together various streams of listening for God’s voice through reflections on God’s written Word and conversations with one another, and in relation to the broader context in which we are engaged.
by Aileen Van Ginkel
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WEA Leadership Institute Introduction Video

Video presentation of the WEA Leadership Institute
by WEA Leadership Institute
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The importance of Bible Translation today

by Wendy Colon
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Strengthening National Alliances and the Local Church in Kenya

by Sophie Nyokabi
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by Rev. OUATTARA Koffi Tehua
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Let’s Strengthen Marriage

by By Plamena Valkova, Sliven - Bulgaria
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Helping Dominican Evangelicals to assume their political responsibility - A socio‐political project

by Manuel Suárez
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Strengthening National Alliances and the Local Church

by Glyn Carpenter
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Transforming Las Toninas

August 10,
by Daniel Bianchi
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City Ministry Development through a ‘Global Volunteer Day’ Campaign—Brussels, Belgium

by Christel Lamère Ngnambi
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