One World or Many?
The Impact of Globalisation on Mission
Globalisation and Mission
Contemporary discussions about globalization tend to emphasize its political and economic aspects. But the social and cultural changes it is causing are pervasive, often unexamined, and for that reason all the more influential. It also also sometimes (wrongly) assumed that globalization is simply about the export of Western values and products worldwide. The book "One World Or Many? Globalization and World Mission" considers in detail the key drivers of globalization, its contemporary shape and the implications for world mission. It also looks at the impact of globalization on different contemporary issues affecting mission, such as ethnicity, the environment, and global health, as well as its effect on more traditional 'missionary' questions of the world religions, contextualization, theology and the church. "One World Or Many" is written by a variety of authors from all over the world, including some new and distinctive voices that will have considerable influence in the future.
Part 1: Main Features
Part 2: Specific Issues
Part 3: Mission
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