Establishing Ministry Training
A Manual for Programme Developers
Ministry Training
This manual is an outgrowth of the International Missionary Trainers' Seminar held in Pasadena, California, in February 1994. The book walks educators and trainers through the path to start new ministry training programmes, as well as to strengthen existing ones. While the focus is on missionary training in non-Western countries, the underlying concepts and their application directly relate to every form of ministry training, including pastoral training and curriculum enhancement at existing schools. Guidance is provided for profiling the understandings, skills, and character qualities needed by trainees and for providing training appropriate to the trainees' culture and sensitive to cultures in which they will serve. Examples of both missionary training profiles and missionary trainer profiles are included.
The World Evangelical Fellowship Missions Commission - William Taylor
1. Building Consensus on Training Commitments - Robert Ferris
2. Developing an Outcomes Profile - Jonathan Lewis and Robert Ferris
3. Transforming a Profile Into Training Goals - Robert Ferris and Lois Fuller
4. Writing Learning Objectives - Stephen Hoke
5. Designing Learning Activities - Stephen Hoke
6. Evaluating Training Outcomes - Robert Ferris
7. Starting a Missionary Training Programme - Lois Fuller
8. Fighting the Enemy With New Methods - Rodolfo GirĂ³n
A. Biblical-Educational Commitments to Guide Missionary Training
B. Missionaries' Competencies Profile: Argentina
C. Qualifications for Indian Missionaries
D. Profile of Asian Missionary Trainers: Philippines
E. Essential Attributes of a Missionary Trainer: Pasadena Seminar
F. Principles of Curriculum Planning
G. Lesson Planning Sheet
H. Sample Course Evaluation Questionnaire
I. A Brief Review of Programme Evaluation in America
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