Integral Ministry Training Design and Evaluation
This new book summarizes many years of practice and evaluation, incubation and reflection on the how to train/equip/shape women and men for ministry, whether within cultures or cross-culturally. The book applies equally to all kinds of training centers, programs and institutions, whether they focus on non-formal or totally formal education. All the writers of this book, and I join them (educators, program developers and reflective practitioners), agree on the imperative core issues that must characterize the best of integral ministry training— whether within culture or cross-culture, whether close or far, whether with mother tongue or as a result of learning a new language. The book builds on our previous publications, but it clearly moves the agenda forward with boldness, challenging again some of the treasured assumptions we have defended regarding training/equipping of called and gifted servants for ministry.
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Posted : 2012-04-15 17:22:25 GMT
Author/Authors : Robert Walter Brynjolfson (Rob), Jonathan Paul Lewis (Jon)
Publishers : William Carey Library
ISBN Number : 978-0878084579

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Publication Date : 2006