Kingdom Partnerships for Synergy in Missions
Partnerships in Mission
This book explores the need for the church/missions community to move beyond superficial fellowship and simple networking to true partnerships--cooperative ventures, strategic alliances, mutually engaged projects, and the sharing of material and human resources. The expected result is synergy--a phenomenon where the output is greater than the sum of the individual components. Articles from 22 missions leaders from around the world delve into the foundations of partnership, critical issues in partnership, internationalizing agencies, and models of partnership. Cultural issues, control, accountability, and the challenges and benefits of partnership are examined, and seven specific case studies of partnerships are given. The book is a call to reflection, relationship, and engagement, without which the nations of this world will not be discipled for Christ.
Preface - Michael Griffiths
The World Evangelical Fellowship Missions Commission - William D. Taylor
1. Introduction: Setting the Partnership Stage - William D. Taylor

Part 1: Foundations of Partnership
2. Kingdom Partnerships in the '90s: Is There a New Way Forward? - Phillip Butler
3. Responding to Butler: Mission in Partnership - R. Theodore Srinivasagam
4. Responding to Butler: Reflections From Europe - Stanley Davies

Part 2: Critical Issues in Partnerships
5. Cultural Issues in Partnership in Mission - Patrick Sookhdeo
6. A North American Response to Patrick Sookhdeo - Paul McKaughan
7. A Nigerian Response to Patrick Sookhdeo - Maikudi Kure
8. A Latin American Response to Patrick Sookhdeo - Federico Bertuzzi
9. Control in Church/Missions Relationship and Partnership - Jun Vencer
10. Confidence Factors: Accountability in Christian Partnerships - Alexandre Araujo

Part 3: Internationalizing Agencies
11. Challenges of Partnership: Interserve's History, Positives and Negatives - James Tebbe and Robin Thomson
12. Internationalizing Agency Membership as a Model of Partnership - Ronald Wiebe
13. Tensions in an International Mission - Brian Butler
14. The Benefits and Problems of Internationalizing Missions - Joshua K. Ogawa

Part 4: Models of Partnership
15. Partnership in Mission: OMF in a Unique China Partnership - David Pickard
16. COMIBAM: Three Interdependent Partnerships in Latin America - Rodolfo "Rudy" GirĂ³n
17. Some Aspects of Partnership in the Summer Institute of Linguistics and Wycliffe Bible Translators - David Cummings
18. Mission Kanuri: A Plan of Action for Northern Nigeria - Reuben Ezemadu
19. Towards Interdependent Partnership: WEC in Multiple Partnerships - Dietrich Kuhl
20. An Indian Missions Partnership Model - Ebe Sunder Raj
21. OC International in an Indian Partnership - Larry Keyes

22. Partners Into the Next Millennium - William D. Taylor

1. Definition of Terms
2. Agreement for Cooperative Work Between a New Partner Ministry and Partners International (PI)
3. Missions Standards in India: An Appeal to All Overseas Partners
4. Consultation Participants
5. Bibliography
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