Internationalizing Missionary Training Part 1/3
A Global Perspective
Missionary Training
How is the missionary force for the twenty-first Century to be trained? This is the challenge that emerges from this provocative book as it focuses on the task of effective missionary training. Western missions have tended to place most of their training emphasis on schooling and formal education-- witness the number of Bible schools, Christian colleges and theological seminaries that offer everything from a B.A. to a Ph. D. in missions/missiology. But the training concerns expressed by non-Western leaders from Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and the Middle East offer an alternative. While not dismissing the contribution of formal education, most of the newer training programmes are committed to a greater balance between formal, non-formal and informal education. Can the West learn from these insights? We have traditionally tended to think the opposite. But in the case of the training of missionaries, perhaps it is time for a critical re-examination of what we are attempting to do and why we do it.
This book emerged from the 1989 Manila Consultation on Two-Thirds World Training and presents a worldwide perspective on the equipping of cross-cultural missionaries. Part 1 outlines the context of missionary training, including the amazing growth of Two-Thirds World missions and the need for better training. Part 2 presents 11 different ways in which cross-cultural workers today are being equipped. Part 3 grapples with sensitive issues applicable to internationalized training ministries, including culture and learning styles, contextualization and accreditation, effective teaching, and the relationship between formal theological institutions and missionary training. Part 4 concludes with a challenge to effective networking.
Preface - William D. Taylor
The World Evangelical Fellowship Missions Commission - William D. Taylor

Part 1: The Context of Missionary Training
1. Introduction: Setting the Stage - William D. Taylor
2. The Manila Consultation and the Missions Commission International
Missionary Training Project: Report and Projection - Raymond Windsor
3. Is Missionary Training Necessary for Two-Thirds World Missionaries? -
Theodore Williams
4. The Dramatic Growth of Two-Thirds World Missions - Larry D. Pate

Part 2: Models of Missionary Training
5. Training Missionaries in Asia: Asian Cross-Cultural Training
Institute - Titus Loong
6. Missionary Training: The Indian Context - Ebenezer Sunder Raj
7. Towards a Korean Missionary Training Model - David Taiwoong Lee
8. Nigerian Evangelical Missionary Institute: A Case Study - Lois Fuller
9. Africa Inland Church Missionary College, Eldoret, Kenya - Jonathan
10. Third World Missionary Training: Two Brazilian Models - Neuza Itioka
11. Hispanic American Models of Missionary Training - William D. Taylor
12. All Nations Christian College - David Harley
13. Missionary Training at Columbia Biblical Seminary and Graduate
School of Missions - Kenneth B. Mulholland
14. Equipping Tentmakers: An Argentine Perspective - Jonathan Lewis
15. Youth With a Mission Training: From the Nations to the Nations -
Peri Rickard
16. Leadership Training in a Muslim Context - Patrick Sookhdeo

Part 3: Critical Educational Issues Affecting Missionary Training
17. A North American Missionary Trainer Responds to Two-Thirds World
Concerns - Paul E. Pierson
18. What Does It Mean to Think, Learn, Teach? - Earle and Dorothy Bowen
19. Culture, Learning, and Missionary Training - James E. Plueddemann
20. The Quest for Appropriateness and Accreditation in Missionary
Training - Robert W. Ferris
21. New Directions in Missionary Education - Lois McKinney
22. Missionary Training Centres and Their Relationship to Theological
Education Institutions - Barbara Burns and Izes C. Balbino Silva

Part 4: Conclusions
23. The Challenge of Interdependent Cooperation: Building Bridges and
Developing Networks - William D. Taylor

Appendix I: A Selected Missionary Training Bibliography - Lois McKinney
Appendix II: Missions Publications Resources
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