Rights, Religions, and Ideologies
Human Rights
It is beyond the scope of this little book to survey all the religions, philosophies, and political ideologies of the world with regard to how they think about human dignity and human rights. What is possible is to identify selected ideas or beliefs that threaten human rights or undermine the protection of human rights, to identify some of the cultural locations where these destructive ideas occur, and to briefly state why one should reject these ideas. The critique of such destructive ideas can reduce their influence in the lives of individuals and cultures.
1 A Person Has Rights If He or She Belongs to My Race or Nation
2 A Person Has Rights Because He or She Belongs to My Religion
3 Protecting Human Rights Leads to Radical Individualism
4 Rights Are Given to People by the Government, State, or Society
5 People Are Given Rights by International Law, Treaties, and Human Rights Conventions
6 Human Rights Come from the Self
7 We Earn Rights by Means of Abilities and Functions
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