A Life of Transformation
From Politician to Good Samaritan
As any Festschrift, this book contains both the academic reflections and the personal recollections on the life and work of Colonel Doner which his friends and fellow laborers have provided. Perhaps what makes this Festschrift a little more unusual is that it is written about a man who not only thought, spoke, or wrote; as are so many Festschrifts — though he did all these things too — but is written in honor of a man who is primarily a man of action.
I. Contributed Articles
II. Personal Notes and Letters
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Posted : 2012-04-16 11:20:35 GMT
Author/Authors : Colonel V. Doner, Thomas Schirrmacher, Kathleen Wally McCall
Publishers : RVB international
ISBN Number : 3-928936-68-9

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