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William Carey's Theology
William Carey’s famous ‘Enquiry’ (1792) changed mission history, and he is considered the "Father of Protestant missions“. Even though his life and work has been the topic of many books and articles, a study on his theology is the missing link of mission research. Dr. Schirrmacher, mission activist, historian and professor of missions, studies Carey’s theological motivation. He recovers the real change in theology, that made world mission possible.
1. Carey’s Theology – the ‘Missing Link’
2.1 Postmillennialism and Missions
2.2. Carey’s Postmillennialism
3. Carey’s Calvinism
4. Carey’s Statistics
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Posted : 2012-04-15 16:05:58 GMT
Author/Authors : Thomas Schirrmacher
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Publication Date : 2001
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