Global Missiology for the 21st Centruy Part 2/4
The Iguassu Dialogue
Global Missiology
This book emerged from the Iguassu Missiological Consultation, held in Brazil in October 1999. With 41 writers from around the world contributing articles, the book presents a sample of Evangelical and global missiological reflection. The major categories of discussion are establishing the global arena, setting the macro context and raising major issues, grounding trinitarian missiological reflections in Scripture, addressing issues of globalized Evangelical missiology, responding to major challenges, listening to mission that rises from community and spirituality, and engaging the commitments flowing from the Iguassu Affirmation, the missiological statement summarizing the issues of the Iguassu Consultation. The publication speaks to the need to come together as equals and dialogue "around the table," thus allowing Evangelical missiology to be shaped by the interaction of diverse viewpoints and cultural realities in the 21st century.
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Foreword - Ravi Zacharias

Part 1: Setting the Stage
1. From Iguassu to the Reflective Practitioners of the Global Family of Christ - William D. Taylor
2. The Iguassu Affirmation

Part 2: Establishing the Macro Context of the Major Issues
3. The Global Scenario at the Turn of the Century - Samuel Escobar
4. Engaging Escobar … and Beyond - Jonathan Bonk
5. Globalization and World Evangelism - Alex Araujo
6. Christ and the Mosaic of Pluralisms - Chris Wright
7. Evangelical Missiology: Peering Into the Future at the Turn of the Century - Samuel Escobar
8. Learning From Escobar … and Beyond - Valdir Steuernagel
9. A Two-Thirds World Evaluation of Contemporary Evangelical Missiology - David Tai-Woong Lee
10. The Scriptures, the Church, and Humanity: Who Should Do Mission and Why? - Antonia Leonora van der Meer
11. Spiritual Warfare and Worldview - Paul Hiebert
12. Rethinking Trinitarian Missiology - Alan Roxburgh

Part 3: Grounding Our Reflections in Scripture: Biblical Trinitarianism and Mission
13. God: The Source, the Originator, and the End of Mission - Ajith Fernando
14. Jesus: The Message and Model of Mission - Ajith Fernando
15. The Holy Spirit: The Divine Implementer of Mission - Ajith Fernando
16. The Church: The Mirror of the Trinity - Ajith Fernando

Part 4: Addressing Issues of Globalized Evangelical Missiology
17. Profiling a Globalized and Evangelical Missiology - Tokunboh Adeyemo
18. Evangelical Missiology From Africa: Strengths and Weaknesses - Yusufu Turaki
19. Missiological Challenges From the South Pacific Region - Joshua Daimoi
20. Evangelical Missiology From an East Asian Perspective: A Study on Christian Encounter With People of Other Faiths - Kang San Tan
21. Evangelical Missiology From India - K. Rajendran
22. Ancient Springs and Sweet Fruit: Missiological Contributions From the Middle East - David Greenlee
23. Further Contributions to Missiology From an Arab Perspective - Raed Abdul Masih
24. Mission and Missiology From Latin America - Norberto Saracco
25. Younger Generations and the Gospel in Western Culture - Stuart McAlister
26. Telling Stories: Contextualization and American Missiology - Miriam Adeney

Part 5: Responding to the Challenges
27. The Indian Church and Missions Face the Saffronization Challenge - Joseph D'Souza
28. The Hindu Missionary Movements and Christian Missions in India - Richard Howell
29. The Complex Spiritual Mosaic of East Asia - Ian Prescott
30. A Vision From the World Beyond: Islam - Bertil Engqvist
31. Dry Bones in the West - Rose Dowsett
32. Let X = X: Generation X and World Mission - Richard Tiplady
33. From Synthesis to Synergy: The Iguassu Think Tanks - Rob Brynjolfson

Part 6: Listening to Mission That Rises From Community and Spirituality
34. Celtic Community, Spirituality, and Mission - Clifton D. S. Warner
35. Nestorian Community, Spirituality, and Mission - Paula Harris
36. Moravian Community, Spirituality, and Mission - Richard Tiplady
37. Jesuit Community, Spirituality, and Mission - Bertil Ekström
38. Coptic Community, Spirituality, and Mission - Francis Omondi
39. Brazilian Antioch Community, Spirituality, and Mission - Barbara Burns

Part 7: Accepting Serious Commitments
40. The Iguassu Affirmation: A Commentary by Eight Reflective Practitioners
Oswaldo Prado, John Wood, Cathy Ross, Jeff Fountain,
Rudy Girón, Jim Stamoolis, Seth Anyomi, Met Castillo
41. Drawing to a Close: Inviting Reflective, Passionate, and Globalized Practitioners - William D. Taylor
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