2003, February Connections
Member care from recruitment to retirement.
Member care from recruitment to retirement.
From the Editor 2
Member Care: An International Model
for Best Practice, Kelly O’Donnell 6
Helping Senders Develop
A Flow of Care, Dave Pollock 11
Member Care for African Mission
Personnel, Naomi Famonure 18
In the Trenches with Asian Missionaries, Ah Kie Lim 25
Awakening Pastoral Care in Latin American Missions,
Christopher Shaw 31
Goads, or...Missiological Proverbs, Stan Nussbaum 38
Member Services to National Missionary
Movements, Bertil Ekström 40
International Missionary
Training Fellowship, Jonathan Lewis 42
Future Directions for
Member Care: PACTS, Kelly O’Donnell 45
Mobilising New Missionaries, George Verwer 48
ReMAP II Research Project, Seth Anyomi 50
ReMAP II Launched in London 52
Global Missiology Task Force, Rose Dowsett 53
Refugee Highway, Thomas Albinson 55
New Missions Partnership to Strengthen
Global Ministry to Refugees 57
Mission Information Sharing, Joe Varela 59
Canada 2003, William Taylor 63
News and Announcements
Missionary Training in Nigeria, John Kayser 66
Korean Mission 2002, David Tai-Woong Lee 68
Brazil, Northeastern Missions Congress Report, Barbara Burns 71
Great Commission Roundtable, David Ruiz 73
Global Calendar of Events 75
Book Review
Global Missiology in the Twenty-First Century:
The Iguassu Dialogue, John Roxborogh 78
Missiological Reflection
Half the Sky – And Half of Heaven, Rose Dowsett 80
A View from the Other Side
of the Globe, Ajith Fernando 83
Forty Suggestions for a Member Care Library 87
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