Send ME! Part 1/2
Your Journey to the Nations
Missionary Training
Send Me! is a preparatory global mission workbook designed for those who desire to serve God cross-culturally and for those who want to help them. It can assist you working through the process of charting a course from where you are presently to where God would have you to be. Each of the ten steps presents an explanation of the importance of that phase of the process; and the workbook provides adequate room for you to write, reflect, plan, and pray. You and the nations await each other.
This book outlines three major phases of missionary preparation and training, together with the steps involved in each phase. Topics covered include assessing fitness for missionary work, developing character qualities, linking with a church or mission agency for training and support, and establishing a ministry on the field with a view towards finishing well over the long haul. Study questions and journal worksheets help readers to determine where they are now, what they need to do next, and what the future will look like. Models of training paths with various churches and agencies are charted, and lists of global missions resources and training schools are provided.
Grounding the Next Steps: A Personal Fitness Assessment
Grounding the Next Steps: A Personal Fitness Assessment - Steve Hoke
The Big Picture: It's Risky Business Charting Your Journey to the Nations - Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor
Participate in the Story of His Glory - Bill Taylor
Overview - Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor
The Missionary Needed Today: Profile of a Critical Role - Steve Hoke
How to Use the Profile - Bill Taylor
Cross-Cultural Church Planter Profile - Steve Hoke
Evaluating Your Readiness: From a Real Case Study - Bill Taylor

Phase 1: Getting Ready - Stretching

Step 1: Personal Spiritual Formation - Steve Hoke
Thoughts on the Missionary "Call" - Bill Taylor
Journal Worksheet 1

Step 2: Body Boost: Getting on-the-Job Experience at Home - Steve Hoke
For Best Results - Steve Hoke
Why Wait Till You Get There? - Mala Malmstead
Four Building Blocks for Lifetime Service - Robertson McQuilkin
Journal Worksheet 2

Step 3: Exposure to Other Cultures - Steve Hoke
My Story: Take the Short Step - Gene Smillie
My Story: Wake Up, Let's Grow! - Linda Olson
Discover the Best Short-Term Mission for You - Steve Hawthorne
Decision Points Checklist
Flying With Two Wings - Bill Taylor
Putting It All Together - Steve Hoke
Journal Worksheet 3

Step 4: Basic Education - Steve Hoke
Options for Learning - Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor
Journal Worksheet 4

Phase 2: Getting There - Linking

Step 5: Church and Agency Contact and Candidacy - Steve Hoke
How to Choose a Sending Church or Agency - Bill Taylor
What the Sending Group (Church/Mission) Wants to Know About You - Bill Taylor
Calling for the Return of the Rare Breed - Bill Taylor
Journal Worksheet 5

Step 6: Ministry Assignment Search - Steve Hoke
The Missionary Preparation Matrix - Steve Hoke
Biblical "Road Signs" to Guide Your Decision-Making - Steve Hoke
Decision-Making Worksheet - Steve Hoke
Journal Worksheet 6

Step 7: Hands-On Missionary Training - Steve Hoke
Why Overseas Missionary Training Works - Roger Charles
Customize Your Mission Training - Steve Hoke
Journal Worksheet 7

Phase 3: Getting Established - Bonding

Step 8: Apprenticeships and Internships - Steve Hoke
Model for a First-Year On-Field Internship - Steve Hoke
"Barefooting": Your First Year in the Field - Steve Hoke
Journal Worksheet 8

Step 9: Lifelong Learning - Steve Hoke
Gaining Perspective: The Symbol Timeline Exercise - Steve Hoke and Terry Walling
Personal Development Action Plan Worksheet - Steve Hoke
Step 10: Finishing Strong - Bill Taylor
The Effectiveness Checklist - Terry Walling
Your Personal Mission Statement Exercise - Steve Hoke, Gary Mayes, and Terry Walling
Finding Personal Mentors Exercise - Steve Hoke and Terry Walling
Our Last Words and Your Next Steps - Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor

Appendix 1: Models of Mission Career Paths of Churches and Agencies - Steve Hoke
Appendix 2: Global Missions Resources for World Christians - Dave Imboden
Appendix 3: Missions Training Directory - Bill Taylor
Appendix 4: Global WWW Resources - Bill Taylor
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