2003, June Connections

Bulletin of the World Evangelical Alliance Missions Commission. Published three times yearly in  both print and electronic formats. The bulletin presents the work of the Missions Commission, it’s  Task Forces and Networks. Articles are


A few short years ago I had no discerning understanding of the term “globalisation”, whether written with an “s” or a “z”. Frankly I related it to the global spread of the Christian church paralleled by the spread of its
mission movement—ju


From the Editor 2
One World or Many? Globalisation and world mission,
Richard Tiplady 10
Mission in a Borderless World, Sam George 18
A World Gone Bananas
Globalisation And Economics, Ruth Valerio 23
Goads on Globalisation, Sam Nussbaum 31
Crisis and Contingency Management,
Michèle Lewis O’Donnell and Kelly O’Donnell 33
Mobilising the Local Church on Mission, Geoff Tunnicliffe 37
Musings on “Review of Missions on the Web”, Jim Klass 40
ReMAP II, Detlef Blöcher 42
More Global Missiology:Towards a Missional Ecclesiology,
Tormod Engelsviken 44
Member Service Report: Key Issues in
Mission Today, Bertil Ekström 47
Two-Thirds World Mission-Models of Networking, David Ruíz 49
RHP: Flight from War, Sam Holdsambeck 51
Mission Information Systems, Mark Orr 55
News and Announcements
Update on Canada 2003, William Taylor 58
Thinking New in Southern Africa: Part 1 of a
2-Part Report, Phyllis Dolislager 61
Evangelical Missions in Germany Today, Wolfgang Büsing 64
Book Review
The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity,
Bertil Ekström 67
Postmission: World Mission by a Postmodern
Generation, Evan Riffee 70
Daughters of Islam: Building Bridges With Muslim
Women, Donna Smith 73
Missiological Reflection
War and Peace in Days of War, Rose Dowsett 76
World Evangelical Alliance: Why Do We Exist?,
Gary Edmonds 78

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