Foundations of Faith
Faith and Salvation
This booklet is a collection of sermon extracts and articles. Its purpose is to help us reflect on the very foundation of our Christian faith. In short, it takes us all the way ‘back to the roots‘. We will be looking at such crucial questions, as: what really is faith and conversion? What is the significance of getting baptized? What is characteristic of a Christian congregation? What does the Bible say about prayer and the Lord‘s supper? I‘m afraid we cannot deal with all the questions of faith in this booklet; but then, this is not so much a piece of theological literature for scholars. It is rather a brief compilation of the most important nuggets of information and a hands-on guide on issues like how to get your faith started, developed and fed by the Spirit for a lifetime.
1. The Righteousness Of God
2. Justified By Faith
3. Jesus Christ, Your Personal Savior
4. Born To Believe
5. Return To God
6. The Assurance Of Being Saved
7. Believe And Be Baptized
8. Finding A Bible-believing Church
9. God Answers Prayers
10. The Lord‘s Supper
11. The Work Of The Indwelling Spirit
12. Lead Us Not Into Temptation
13. Being Kept In Christ
14. Why Christians Die
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