2004, February Connections
The Missional Heart of God
Bulletin of the World Evangelical Alliance Missions Commission. Published three times yearly in both print and electronic formats. The bulletin presents the work of the Missions Commission, it’s Task Forces and Networks. Articles are aimed at the “r
The Missional Heart of God
From the Editors
Mission and Missions, Going ‘Glocal’, Holism and Other Terms….
Dealing with Missions Jargon, K. Rajendran
From the Heart and Mind of the Editor, William D. Taylor
A Word from our Creative Graphics Artist, Jarin Tadych
Featured Articles
Reaffirming the Missional Heart of God, Rose Dowsett
Rethinking Missional Structures in the Globalized Mission Contextfor
Both Church and Mission Societies, David Tai-Woong Lee
Reflections from the Younger Generation on Mission and the
Great Commission: Are we Dysfunctional, Difficult or just
Different? Rob Hay
Revisiting Strategic Collaboration, Alex Araujo
The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ in the Missional Heart of God:
A Kingdom-Oriented Framework for Encountering Buddhist
Worldviews, Kang San Tan
The Missional Church is Passionately Glocal, David Stoner
Proverbial Perspectives on the Missio Dei, Stan Nussbaum
Global Reports for Global Impact:
Taking Mission Mobilisation on the Road, Chacko Thomas.
The Impact of an African Regional Missions Movement,
Bayo Famonure
Doing it Right: The Great Commandment is Key to the
Great Commission, Dave Pollock
Raising up a New Breed of Missionaries in the Philippines,
Bob López
Effective Equipping of the Cross-Cultural Worker, Rob Brynjolfson
Book Reviews and Resources:
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (USA) has launched a
new Center for the Study of Global Christianity and a Web
Version of the World Christian Database (WCD), Todd Johnson
“Acquainted with Grief, Wang Mingdao’s Stand for the
Persecuted Church in China”. Author: Thomas Alan Harvey.
Reviewed by Samuel E. Chiang
“Exploring World Mission: Context and Challenges”.
Author: Bryant L. Myers. Reviewed by William D. Taylor
Welcome to a new creation: the WEA Missions Commission new
database-driven web site: www.WEAresources.org, Jon Lewis
Missiological Reflection:
Exploring World Mission: An Introduction, Bryant L. Myers
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