Hope for Europe
66 Theses by Thomas Schirrmacher
Official thesis and study of hope in the Old and New Testament for Hope for Europe of the European Evangelical Alliance and Lausanne Europe. How can we demonstrate the Biblical basis of our hope and affirm it towards engaged Christians as well as to non-believers? How can we assert our hopes to Members of Parliament, to businessmen or to mothers? How can we raise the flag of hope in a world drowning in hopelessness and pessimism? We are thus very happy to present the propositions of Thomas Schirrmacher. These statements combine our desire to open the treasury of Biblical hope for many, theologians and laymen, and to encourage them to think about the subject.
I. We need hope
II. Hope in god alone is undeserved
III. God gives hope
IV. God is trustworthy
V. Hope changes our conduct
VI. Hope in suffering and resistance
VII. Hope in the face of doomsday speculation
VIII. Hope for all areas of life
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Author/Authors : Thomas Schirrmacher
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