The Epistle of James - Volume 1
Tender Love in Tough Pursuit of Total Holiness
The Epistle of James
All too often James was either neglected, or a great uncertainty prevailed how to understand him and how to incorporate his message into the overall framework of the Christian and Protestant faith. Often people perceived James to be more or less Roman Catholic! Henry Krabbendam now demonstrates: That James is a teacher of grace as all other apostles; That James only can be understood against the backdrop of the complementarity of truth present in all Christian teaching; That James’ pastoral and practical heart nevertheless makes him a superb systematic theologian; That James’ message of holiness and the message of the Reformation are not alien to each other, but belong together as two sides of one coin.
I. Pathway to Holiness from the Divine Perspective
II. Principles of Holiness in the Biblical Framework
III. Attainment of Holiness in the Christian Experience
IV. Range of Holiness in the Fabric of Life
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