Law or Spirit?
Galatians between Legalism and Antinomianism
The true Gospel, Legalism and Lawlessness
This commentary emphasising the ethical aspects of Galatians seeks to prove that Galatians is not only fighting legalists but also a second party of Paul’s opponents, who were totally opposed to the Old Testament and the Law, and lived immorally in the name of Christian freedom, a view especially endorsed by Wilhelm Lütgert’s commentary of 1919. Paul is fighting against the abrogation of the Old Testament Law as well as against using this Law as way of salvation instead of God’s grace.
1. The two parties in the Galatian Church
2. No human gospel, as the lawless believed
3. Paul is not, as the libertines claimed, preaching another Gospel
4. Paul had not received his Gospel from men, as the libertine party had alleged
5. The privilege of the Jews refutes the lawless party
6. The Covenant of the Promise to Abraham is superior to the Law, but does not cancel the Law’s validity
7. Does the Law contradict itself?
8. The Gentiles are also subject to condemnation under the Law
9. The Angels and the Law
10. The Law as Tutor
11. The Gentiles also are freed from the elements of the world
12. The Law of Liberty
13. The Difference between the Moral and the Ceremonial Law
14. The ceremonial law in the Epistle to the Galatians
15. The penetration of heathen lawlessness, to the extent of self-castration
16. The cause of the persecution
17. The false liberty of the lawless
18. Paul exhorts the lawless to bear others’ burdens and to do good
19. The Law of Christ is also binding on the Lawless
20. The Inconsistency of the Legalistic
21. The Myth of Legalism
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