Legends about the Galileo Affair and other Creationist Essays
With an appendix: Is there a Christian Art?
Creation and Evolution
This book is a selection of Thomas Schirrmacher’s creationist articles published since 1979. It is a shorter version of the German book “Legends of Galileo and other Contributions to Creation Science, Criticism of Evolution and Chronology of the History of Culture 1979-1994”, with essays on creation science.
1. Galileo and Creationism
2. Is there a Contradiction between the Two Creation Accounts?
3. The Origin of Genesis
4. The Credibility of Genesis 1-11
5. Music: Evolution or Creation?
6. What is Religion?
7. The Leaning Tower of Pisa
8. Creation and Judgment
9. Evolution and the Sexual Revolution
10. Is there a Christian Art?
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