2004, June Connections
ReMAP II-- long termretention of mission personel
Bulletin of the World Evangelical Alliance Missions Commission. Published three times yearly in both print and electronic formats. The bulletin presents the work of the Missions Commission, it’s Task Forces and Networks. Articles are aimed at the “r
ReMAP II-- long termretention of mission personel
Focus of the Issue, Willliam D Taylor
Questions and Sensibility on the Retention
of Missionaries , K Rajendran
Tribute Memorial Dave Pollock, Kelly O’ Donnell 8
Features on ReMAP II
Good Agency Practices: Lessons from ReMAP II, Detlef Blocher
Distinctive Practices in High Retention USA Agencies, Jim Van
Exploring New Leadership Insight Through ReMAP II, Timothy
National Report ReMAPII: The Netherlands, Jaap Ketelaar
Big Significance Needing Bite-Size Chunks: ReMAP II & The UK,
Rob Hay
Proverbial Perspectives on Missionary Retention, Stan Nussbaum
Special Section: ReMAP II National Reports
Australia, Barbara Griffin
Canada, Laurel McAllister
Costa Rica, Mark C. Padgett and Paul C. Mauger
Germany, Detlef Blocher
Ghana, Sampson Dorkunor
Hong Kong, Vanessa Hung
India, Pramila Rajendran
Korea, Dong-Hwa Kim
Malaysia, Philip Chang
New Zealand, Rachel Murray
Philippines, Bob López
Singapore, Valerie Lim
South Africa, Henkie Maritz
Sweden, Birgitta Johansson
Task Force/Network Reports
India: A Vibrant National Mission Movement, Bertil Ekstrom
Interdev Partners Associates Progress Report, Alex Araujo
Scratching Where it Itches: Training the Trainers in Latin America,
Jon Lewis
Guidelines for Member Care Workers: 15 Commitments,
Kelly O’Donnell
The Game of Life: Getting Serious in theSecond Half of Missions,
Nelson Malwitz
Elitism in Missions, Danny Martin
The Refugee Highway Partnership: 2004 in Motion, Mark Orr
The New Global Mission: The Gospel from Everywhere to
Everyone, Sam George
The New Global Mission: The Gospel from Everywhere to
Everyone, Bertil Ekstrom
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