Natural Law Ethics
An Evangelical Proposal
Christian Philosophy
Throughout the twentieth century evangelical theology and philosophy neglected or rejected the topic of natural law ethics. This pushed the evangelical community toward extreme positions with regard to culture and an inability to speak to the great ethical questions of our time in a manner that is both true to the evangelical faith and understandable in a post-Christian society. This study is an attempt to regain the classical Protestant doctrine of natural law ethics, which also brings this topic into dialog with important developments in philosophy and the social sciences. It is motivated by a heart-felt desire for a new evangelical voice that is able to contribute responsibly to the moral foundations of western culture.
I. Natural Law after Barth
II. The Traditional View and Its Rejection
III. Theological Responses
IV. Supporting Voices
V. Additional Theological Context
VI. An Evangelical Proposal
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Author/Authors : Thomas K. Johnson
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