Shame and Guilt
A Key to Cross-Cultural Ministry
Cross-cultural ministry
Eighteen years of missionary service in Guinea, West Africa, and missiological studies led the author to the conclusion that shame and guilt are fundamental elements for the understanding of missions. Traditionally, missionaries with guilt-oriented met shame-oriented indigenous people. The conscience orientation influences personality and culture, and consequently also theology and missions. It influences all spheres of private and public life. Shame and guilt-oriented people have different concepts of sin, salvation and forgiveness. They have different needs in relation to community life. They communicate differently. Newly, these differences occur not only between missionaries and indigenous people, but also between the older and younger generation in Europe and North America.
I. What is the conscience? Toward a working definition
II. Shame and guilt in scripture
III. Theoretical implications for Cross-cultural Christian ministry
IV. Practical implications for Cross-cultural Christian ministry
V. A better understanding of conscience can enrich and promote cross-cultural Christian ministry
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Posted : 2012-04-15 22:19:53 GMT
Author/Authors : Hannes Wiher
Publishers : Verlag für Theologie und Religionswissenschaft
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Publication Date : 2003