Sovereignty and Responsibility
The Pelagian-Augustinian Controversy in Philosophical and Global Perspective
Orthodoxy and Church History
Sovereignty and Responsibility has been the topic of theology and philosophy for nearly 2000 years. Can there possibly be said anything new on this topic? Has not everything been said before? Can anyone surpass Augustine, Luther or Wesley? And if the author from his personal theological tradition as a leading Reformed Systematic theologian stands on one side of the old fight between Calvinist and Arminian Christians, why should that be of any relevance? I am convinced that this book is a breakthrough on the topic of Sovereignty and Responsibility. On the one side the author is very old-fashioned, using the Bible as the governing source of theology and being deeply rooted in historical theology. But his emphasis on the Bible at the same time makes him very modern and innovative, because he is not content with playing Scripture off against Scripture, as is often the case in the debate. He wants to listen to the biblical arguments of others and examine himself very thoroughly to make sure that he has taken into account their Biblical arguments. The Church of Christ has to battle for theological unity and cannot leave out certain biblical elements and revelations, because they do not fit into traditional theological systems. Henry Krabbendam has done the Church a major favour by asking the question, whether we really have built our Systematic theology on the whole Holy Scriptures.
Part I. The Pelagian-Augustinian Controversy
1. The Pelagian Position
2. The Augustinian Position
3. The Assessment of the Controversy
Part II. The Philosophical and Global Perspective
4. The Philosophical Setting
5. A Modern Day Case Study
6. Nonlinear Thinking
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