The Body, Soul and Spirit Concept of the Bemba in Zambia
Fundamental Characteristics of Being Human of an African Ethnic Group
Cross-cultural ministry
The participation in cross-cultural ministry brings two different concepts of being human to light: one’s own concept of being human and that of the members of the culture with one comes to work. This fact causes unwanted misunderstandings and obstacles for the Gospel. How different the concept of man of the Bemba in Zambia in comparison to the western concept of man is, is the subject of this book.
I. Theology, social sciences and cognitive anthropology
II. The Bemba of Zambia
III. The concepts of umubili and umutima as fundamental characteristics of Bemba anthropology
IV. The concept of umupashi as fundamental characteristic of Bemba anthropology
V. Concluding comments on the concept of Bemba anthropology and considerations for cross-cultural ministry
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Author/Authors : Robert Badenberg
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