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World Mission
One of the leading evangelical professors of mission and mission activist in Germany shows in a fascinating way, how the essence of God, of the Bible and of Christian faith is centered in World Mission. Among the essays are the following: God, the First Missionary; Romans as a Charta of World Mission Mission in the Old Testament; Jesus as a Master Educator for Mission; Social Responsibility in the Church; The Trinity of the OT and the Dialogue with Jews and Muslims.
1. Romans as a Charter of World Mission: A Lesson in the Relation of Systematic Theology and Missiology (1993)
2. ‘Missio Dei’ – God, the First Missionary (1994)
3. Biblical Texts on Mission – Seven Lessons
4. Biblical Reasons for Evangelical Missions: 31 Propositions
5. An Evangelical View of Missions – A Summary (1995)
6. Jesus as Master Educator
7. Social Responsibility in the New Testament Church according to Acts 6
8. The Trinity in the Old Testament and Dialogue with Jews and Muslims (1991)
9. Postmillennialism and Missions
10. Great Missiologists
11. Great Commission
12. The Gospels as Evidence of the Necessity for Cultural Adaptation in the Missionary Proclamation
13. About the Author
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