2005, April Connections
Looking to the Future
Bulletin of the World Evangelical Alliance Missions Commission. Published three times yearly in both print and electronic formats. The bulletin presents the work of the Missions Commission, it’s Task Forces and Networks. Articles are aimed at the “r
This 8th issue of our young journal reflects some seminal changes. First, a change in size, format and composition. This comes as we transfer our production from India to Holland, and it reflects the partnership with Initialmedia, now in charge of design,
3 Bill Taylor
From the Heart and Mind of the Editor
6 Press release on leadership changes:
William Taylor, Bertil Ekstrom, Jon Lewis
Press release on Geoff Tunnicliffe as
WEA Interim International Coordinator
7 K Rajendran
The MC after de Bron, September 2004
9 Bertil Ekstrom
As we peer into the future—
a vision for the MC
12 MC Staff
MC Purpose and Commitments, Leadership
and Teams
14 Bill Taylor and Bertil Ekstrom
MC Open Architecture of Relating,
Connecting and Docking
16 David Stoner
The Missional Church is Passionately Glocal
18 David Tai-Woong Lee
Rethinking Missional Structures in the
Globalised Mission Context
23 Steve Moon
The Current Korean Missionary Movement
27 Stan Nussbaum
Proverbial Perspectives on the Future
28 Lausanne Reports
Press Report from Lausanne Forum
29 Lausanne Reports
A Summary of the Lausanne Issue Groups
31 Marcia Tostes
Brazil Member Care Report
32 Cees Verharen
Europe on the Move
33 Alex Araujo
Interdev Partners Associates Report
34 Mark Orr
JIMI: Joint Information Management
Initiative Introduction
35 Rob Brynjolfson
International Missionary Training
Network Report
36 Rose Dowsett
Global Missiology Report from Singapore,
August 2004
37 Kent Parks
The Vision of SEALINK
39 Mark Orr
Refugee Highway Information Clearinghouse
40 Rose Dowsett
Reaffirming the Missional Heart of God
43 Cathy Ross
Alexander McCall-Smith books
44 Sam Chiang
Three books on China
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