2005, June Connections
Holistic Training For Cross Cultural Ministry
Bulletin of the World Evangelical Alliance Missions Commission. Published three times yearly in both print and electronic formats. The bulletin presents the work of the Missions Commission, it’s Task Forces and Networks. Articles are aimed at the “r
In our previous issue I wrote that our WEA Mission Commission (MC) high calling is to focus on the ever-expanding extension of the Kingdom of God. We want to be known as a global missional structure, intent on establishing worshipping communities of Jesus
3 Bill Taylor
Editorial: From the Heart and Mind of the Editor
4 K. Rajendran
The importance of training for modern missionaries
6 Geoff Tunnicliffe
WEA celebrates first World Issues Summit
Websites MCA organizations
8 Lewis & Brynjolfsen
The International Trainings Network and its Goals
11 Lewis
A metaphor and model for missionary training
16 Peter Boma
The story of NEMI
18 Omar Gava
COMIBAM training coordinators report
22 Detlef Blöcher
Training build up missionaries,
Lessons from ReMap II
26 C. Barnabas
Recent developments in missionary training in India
32 Stan Nussbaum
Proverbs on missionary training and equipping
33 Bertil Ekström
Signs of improvement in the Brazilian mission
33 Kees van der Wilden
Exploratory trip to Francophone West Africa
36 David Lim
Vignettes of Filipino Tent makers
38 Kezia Paul
Inside and out
39 Kelly O’Donnell
Developing Competence, Character and compassion
40 Derek Christensen
An Update from TIE international
41 Rose Dowsett
Growing in Grace en Beram Kumar: SEALINK
42 Kent Parks
Ethne to Ethne
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