Strengthening National Alliances and the Local Church
Project overview This project is specific to New Zealand. It is about strengthening our national alliance and the local church. Rather than focus on one particular goal, it refers to eight goal areas which constitute our major focus. In some cases these are SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timebound); work is underway, and the EA has a driving role. In other cases they are still in discussion, the goals are not yet specific, and the EA will have a more facilitative role. Together they make up a broad strategy for seeing “God’s kingdom come, here on earth [in New Zealand] as it is in heaven”. The driving force in all of these is the EA itself. Our ability to perform this role is based on a number of factors including: ‐ Relationship with God and the activity of God’s Spirit ‐ Attitude of serving (towards the local church and broader Christian community) ‐ Ability to build relationships across a broad spectrum of the Church ‐ Identification of core issues and ability to think clearly and strategically about those issues ‐ Honest straightforward speaking A survey of priority issues was conducted with national church leaders in January 2010 The main church issues identified (in order of importance) were: ‐ mission/evangelism ‐ unity ‐ the need for better theology or Bible engagement ‐ rethinking church ‐ church growth or church health ‐ discipleship ‐ relationships/network The main public issues identified were: ‐ social justice ‐ poverty and income inequality This feedback has shaped our activities this year and is the basis of the goal areas discussed below. All of the eight goal areas will be achieved only through the movement of God’s Spirit and a unity of purpose and action in the Church, facilitated in part through the activity of the EA. In each goal area a priority will be to engage with each of the pillars in society. In each of the goal areas, specific research will be undertaken as needed. Scripture tells us that “no‐one knows where the Spirit will blow”. In the same way, it is difficult to know which of the goal areas will be significant in terms of galvanizing the Church to action. The Marsden 2014 initiative is one which offers a special window of opportunity – three years to prepare for the bicentenary of the Gospel in New Zealand. As well as helping co‐ordinate bi‐centenary events, our own preparation for 2014 will involve mobilizing and equipping the Church across the other major goal areas. Our key message for churches will be “If you can’t act on all of them, act on as many as you can. But the time to act is now”.
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Posted : 2012-04-14 14:16:11 GMT
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