Let’s Strengthen Marriage
“Marriage should be honored by all…” Hebrews 13:4
Goals 1. To represent a deeper understanding of marriage based on the Biblical teaching for it and to realize the importance of this institution; 2. To enrich Christian marriages; 3. To find other good Christian practices focused on marriage and to apply them to our circumstances; 4. To reach families at risk and to provide them with spiritual, emotional and practical support; 5. To develop an ongoing program that addresses and deals with the problems of marriage; Program Day 1 1. Introducing the problems; showing the statistics and the sad tendencies that are observed in the marriages in Bulgaria. This way of beginning the marriage week is very important because those who are not Christians are open to facts and statistics and it is a way to raise and keep their interest towards the continuation of the event. I have already looked at the various matters above and will not go in details here. During this day, it is important to deal with the meaning of marriage, to compare the secular and Christian definition, and to see that it is impossible to talk about marriage without mentioning its creator who is God himself. This is going to be the introduction to the Christian basis of marriage and the Bible based solutions of the problems mentioned before that. 2. The nature of marriage. What is marriage? Usually, under marriage we understand union between man and a woman, marked with emotional and physical communication and is contracted before the state in accordance with the respective legislation of the specific country. However, keeping the public and law requirements does not make the marriage Christian or Biblical. Every sort of marriage contract, acknowledged by the society and the state is just a form while marriage is much more than just a form. The Bible gives us some guidelines in defining marriage as such and in the way it was meant to be. Firstly, marriage in the light of the Bible is sacred and long union between two people who love each other and who made the mature decision to dedicate themselves to one another. Secondly, the Biblical marriage is union between a man and a woman. Third, the Biblical marriage is monogamous marriage. Fourth, the Biblical marriage is a lasting union. Fifth, basic point in the Biblical definition of marriage is the participation of God “So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate." (Mt.19:6) The idea for marriage is entirely of God and only in His presence and blessing it is possible a union between man and a woman to become Biblical marriage. God is the one who joins, He joins two people in one. Day 2 1. The purpose or function of marriage Does it mean that a marriage, which was started according Biblical way makes it ultimately Biblical for the entire life? The Biblical marriage or the Christian marriage is determined as such based on the aim that it has and the functions that it fulfills. PURPOSE 1 of the marriage and family “to be one flesh” – Genesis 2:22-24 The reason for many families to break is the lack of attachment, unity between the man and the woman. They are simply not one! For this to happen there are 2 steps needed – leaving (father and mother – the closest people) and attaching. PURPOSE 2 – the happiness of the spouse In the very beginning of marriage, God himself says in Genesis 2:18 “it is not good” – it is not nice for him, not happy, not useful for the man to be alone. God created the marriage and the family for mutual complementarity where the man and the woman find their true happiness, fullness and personal development. PURPOSE 3 – bearing and bringing up children, Genesis 1:28 The understanding and fulfilling of this part of the purpose of marriage is highly neglected in the Bulgarian families. Most of them would give excuse with their finances or the social instability. However, they are in conflict with the purpose of God for their marriage. However, the meaning of bearing children is not just reproducing man fellows. There is a much higher purpose – to bring your children up. This starts from an early age – Proverbs 22:6 Useful tools for the family towards this are: - The Word of God – Deuteronomy 6:6 - Discipline – Proverbs 13:25 - Joint prayer and worship
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Posted : 2012-04-15 22:12:17 GMT
Author/Authors : By Plamena Valkova, Sliven - Bulgaria
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