Doing Member Care Well Part 4/4
Perspectives and Practices from Around the World
Missions Books and Manuals
A global resource for the international missions member care family around the world. Its global scope is reflected in the diversity of authors and the wide range of topics. This is an extensive resource, especially developed to address member care issues.
The book is an international compilation of articles and updates on how different organizations and member care workers are doing member care around the world. It includes authors from both the Newer Sending Countries (NSCs) and the Older Sending Countries (OSCs). I am especially committed to include material from the NSCs, and to use the book as a way to profile their issues and approaches to member care. We will all benefit as a variety of member care colleagues share about their work-pastors, personnel development specialists, church leaders, physicians, psychologists, and missionaries themselves. We will also get a clearer sense of how the member care field is maturing as an interdisciplinary, international, and indispensable handmaiden to missions. Although most of the existing written material has come from OSC authors, there is a steady stream of materials-mostly articles-coming from NSC regions. This new book includes some of these articles, most of which are usually available only at the regional level, as well as new articles by both NSC and OSC authors alike. My goal was not to produce a comprehensive compendium, but rather a selective sampling of helpful member care perspectives and practices. The result is a truly international work, filled with updates and practical applications, which is relevant for personnel from different organizations and different nations. It is the international and NSC emphases, along with material from the international health care and humanitarian aid communities, which make this book timely and unique.
Part 1: The Member Care Context

Part 2: Regional Issues and Insights
Section 1: Asia
Section 2: South Asia
Section 3: Africa
Section 4: Latin America
Section 5: Arabic World

Part 3: Providing and Developing Member Care
Section 1: Master Care
Section 2: Self and Mutual Care
Section 3: Sender Care
Section 4: Specialist Care
Pastoral/Spiritual Care
Physical/Medical Care
Training/Career Care
Team Building/Interpersonal
Section 5: Network Care
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